Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008

Wow!! What an exciting and fun filled Christmas we had this year. James just turned 2 and was all into presents this year!! He got the knack of tearing open paper to see what it revealed underneath. :). he just didn't understand not all presents were for him.

We ended up making a quick visit to AL to visit family before heading back to GA. We did Christmas in Huntsville with Shawn's family and then headed to the Shoals to do it with my family. It was VERY tiresome and probably not something we will try again but visiting family was nice. Shawn and I actually got a few hours alone and it was SO nice!!! Just to eat a dinner where I didn't feel like I had to woof it down before my son got irrate. James got some great gifts from the family.

Then on Christmas Eve morning we headed back to GA. My sister, Andrea, came back withus to do Christmas with James. She adores James so it was nice. James put out cookies and milk for Santa Claus and then headed to bed. He was out like a light by 9:30. Santa came and placed his train table under the tree. On Christmas Day James woke up and was so excited tos ee that Santa ate his cookies and drank his milk!! Then off to open more presents. He didn't notice the train table until the very he missed it I am not sure :). But he LOVED it. Shawn and I exchanged gifts after and I think we both were thrilled with what we each got. I think the biggest present was being together this year as a family. Hard to believe that we will be a family of 4 this time next year.

Then after James naptime we went to our good friends home, Misty and Bart for a fondue dinner. We weren't quite sure what we were in for but it was AWESOME. Well the little I got to eat b/c james had his normal meltdown and acted up. Definitely something Shawn and I want to do again. YUMMY. Misty and Bart are such wonderful hostess and we are blessed to have met them while here in GA. It made the night go by so fast due to the great company.

This was a great year filled with many memories. From Shawn returning safely home, to moving to GA, to the Holidays, and finding out we are expecting our other blessing in August. I just pray for sanity and patience for this 2nd child. I love being a mommy more than anything but it is definitely the hardest job ever! We know that 2009 has many more wonderful memories to add to our collection.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holidays 2008

Wow this year has truly flown by. Between Shawn coming home and moving it has been a whirlwind. We have enjoyed spending the holidays together this year as a family. For Thanksgiving my grandfather, my mom, and us spent it at our home in GA. It was a nice time and a relaxing time. I enjoy not having to travel at the holidays because it is always so hectic. James enjoyed playing with Buster and grandpa. That boy can talk anybody's head off (he gets that from his daddy's side-hehe). I find myself telling him he doesn't have to talk all the time!! He asks questions and then answers them himself...silly kid. Ok sorry for side track.

Then for Christmas we went to some of our friends home here in GA and made Gingerbread houses. James enjoyed sampling the candy. We have been fortunate enough to meet some new friends here, Bart and Misty. They are wonderful. Although they don't have kids themselves yet hopefully soon they will. They enjoy being around James and James feels the same with them. Then we have visited Santa three times (got one good pic out of it) and went with another set of friends to view this great display of lights in town. It was massive. We rode a hayride around to view them all. Then James played on their play area and we roasted smores. Although it was like 72 degrees that dday it was still fun.

We are looking forward to spending Christmas in our home in GA and then traveling home to spend some time with family. James ended up getting pneumonia so we couldn't go home ahead of time like we planned. He is doing fine just gets tired easily and has to have breathing treatments pretty often. If the ER doctor would have diagnosed it correctly on Tuesday I wouldn't have gone back on Friday to be told it was pneumonia as I suspected. That is a whole other blog :).

I am thankful for my family and for our soldiers who sacrifice their lives so that we can spend this time together. This time last year Shawn was thousands of miles away and part of my heart felt missing. This year James is old enough to enjoy Christmas and we are trying to teach him the meaning behind Christmas...not just presents.

We also found out that we will be expecting Baby Dalrymple #2 in August!! This will be our last baby for sure. I am very nervous about having 2 and just how well I will do but too late now ;). We hope to move to AL once our time is done in GA but it all depends on our house situation in NC. I do not want to move back there knowing I will be having another baby and will want my mom's help and breaks :). But maybe having Shawn home this time will be a lot more helpful.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

James is Two!!

We celebrated James 2nd birthday in Alabama with our families. We had his birthday at Spring Park in Tuscumbia. His theme was Thomas the Train. All he kept saying up until his birthday was he wanted a choo choo cake! SO CUTE!. The weather cooperated thankfully...a bit chilly but nothing horrible. James and his cousins rode the roller coaster, train and carousel. I think everyone enjoyed it. It was nice to have Shawn home this year too to share in the excitement. James got a lot of nice gifts and he is playing with each one!!

It amazes me how fast he has grown. It seems like just yesterday I was holding him and rocking him. Today he sat with me in the rocker just wanting to be held and I remember when he used to couldn't sleep w/o me rocking him to sleep. Now he just drifts off to sleep, car in hand :). :( My little boy is growing up and I want to freeze time. He has the sweetest personality and is SO smart. The dr. said that he is advanced for his age which makes me feel great...although I swear the kid has ADD with all the energy he has.

Lately we take our evening walk to see the ducks at the pond down the road. He loves it and although it is cold we bundle up and get to moving. It is nice to be able to enjoy simple things with him.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat

I was a bit worried b/c before we went Trick or Treating James was VERY defiant...both Shawn and I tried everything but he was so stubborn!! Finally once we got him dressed he was fine...maybe he was just excited and showed it through being ugly?!
But once we got past that and got out the door he was SO much fun!!! We took along his wagon (thanks gran) which was very nice b/c he was so taken in by all the people and costumes he was moving so slow. He gladly would ride until he saw a house and then he was ready to attack. He was so sweet and would say "trick or Treat and Thank you". Everyone said he had the most unique costume they had seen. He was quite different and we didn't come across any other sharks! After hitting about 20-25 house we went back to our house to hand out candy. Our neighborhood was SLAMMED with kids because it is a large neighborhood that is safe. We finally went to our house and let James hand out the candy and seems to enjoy that more than receiving his candy. There were golf carts carrying kids trick or treating as well a a hayride pulled up too.James loved it all and loved giving candy to everyone. This neighborhood is very family friendly. We enjoy it and can't wait to see how they deck out for Christmas! Trick or Treat 2008 was GREAT b/c my son, my husband and myself were together!! I am so blessed to have these two great men in my life! We missed Shawn a lot last year but enjoying him here this year!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ready, Set, GLOW!

Last night we had our first family pumpkin carving!! James and I did Winnie the Pooh last year while Shawn was in Afghanistan. This year Shawn did Lightening McQueen from CARS...James LOVED it and it turned out so good. Of course we did the traditional pumpkin too and James kept telling Shawn to stay on the edges of the outline :). James wasn't too sure of the inside of the pumpkin and told us that it "scared him" and "no I not touching" at first. Then he warmed up to it and enjoyed jabbing the pumpkin with our tools!! It was nice to do the simple things as a family and I think often it is taken for granted.

James should be a hoot to take trick or treating this year!! He is going to be a shark!! SO cute. To be continued.....

Monday, October 20, 2008

School's In :)

Shawn has been in Capt. Career Course for about a week now. Definitely some adjusting for both of us. Although his day ends at around 3:30 he has to be at PT for 5:30 (an hour earlier than before) so he is up at 4:30 a.m. each day. Right now he is so tired from the adjustment it is hard on both of us. I hate asking for his help when he is so tired and I am "just staying home". I miss having him around each day to help with James or just be involved with us. But it ismuch better than Afghanistan :). He comes home for lunch pretty often and we are getting in from the gym so we see him for a few minutes before naptime. James wakes up and says "Daddy working" and I tell him yes but that he will be home after nap. He seems ok with it so that is good.

We also got exciting news that Shawn will be up for his first look at MAJOR in Summer 2009 and we are so excited. Doesn't mean he will be promoted then but hopes are high b/c his OER's are very good and say Promotable!!YEAH!!

James is a sweet boy but definitely testing us when it comes to listening lately...I am so easily fooled and HATE spanking him but he knows it and plays on it. Shawn says it once and that is it! We are getting excited about the Holidays and being a away from our families is hard. James will be having his Thomas the Train theme party in November. We are traveling home to AL so that will be nice.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Tracey Cute!

A couple of my friends (Kristen and Tracey) from NC came to visit for a few a couple weeks ago. James just adored Tracey who is pregnant. When we went to call her husband he was devistated and wanted to follow her out. Then he looked at me and said "Tracey cute"!! Whoa my little man going for older women :). Now he says that along with "Tracey baby girl in belly"! So funny!

here is a video of him because he just wouldn't stop one day talking about her!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

President of Dalrymple and Son

Today was a bit of reality check. I had 2 job interviews which were a big waste of time. The first one was almost like what I did at DSS but less pay. I just don't think I am ready to have that headache again since having James i just want to focus on him and being a family. The 2nd one "forgot to mention" that it required a MSW. So I waited 40 minutes for nothing. Oh well the right job will come along when the time is right. I just want something other than staying home but not to the point it jeopardizes my time with my family. I am blessed to stay home and I know that so I am just gonna relax...God will provide the job when the time is right. I just sometimes feel useless staying home but guilty for wanting to work.

Shawn returns to "work" next Tuesday so James and I will be on our own again. I hope to meet more people here and get active in a church. So far we haven't found one we like but we'll keep trying :).

Also for some reason I am REALLY missing NC...that was my home...that is where i learned so much about ME and my new life as a wife, a social worker and then a mom. I made some great friends there and now I had to leave them :(. One of my good friends is celebrating her bday in Raleigh and I so wanted to go but things just didn't work out $$ wise or sitter wise :(. Stinks! I miss it so much!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Pumpkin Patch-McGee Farms

While we were visiting AL we wanted to go to a Pumpkin Patch because we haven't found any locally in GA. Shawn missed James first visit to one b/c he was deployed last year. But James wasn't walking yet so he didn't miss too much. This year we went to McGee Farms in Florence. It was a nice farm with goats, a place for kids to jump on the hay, pumpkin picking and flowers. We took a hay ride to pick our own pumpkin and James picked the most perfect pumpkin on his own.

Visit to Alabama

Before heading to my 10 year reunion we visited first Gran and PawPaw (Shawns mom and husband) in Huntsville. James had a great time riding the "trucks and tractors" and fishing with his dad. James is definitely well loved and knows he can get away with anything :). He enjoys playing with his cousins...although it can get loud and a bit crazy trying to keep on track. Somehow Shawn always ended up in the peaceful "man cave" during those times. Aunt Susan and Chresta came to visit as well as the newest addition, Braxton Tucker. He was SO little it was hard to think James was that small. James did pretty good sitting through a 2 hour Church service and was so funny b/c when the preacher said "Amen" during the sermon there was our little man to shout it back at him!! I am just thankful for nursery b/c I would be a wreck!! But he did very well. Despite the differences we may have it makes it go better b/c I see the joy it brings to James to be there for that time.

After visiting there it was off to my mom's house. Of course James ate Chinese with Andrea and Brent (aka B) twice!! He loved Blackie and Oscar (Oggers). He went on his first fishing trip with Shawn and his dad while I went to the ballgame with friends. Shawn said he did great and help reel in fish and throw them back. I still can't believe he will be 2 in November.

Although going home to AL is fun and nice, it is wearing too. James rarely is in bed at his normal time which makes coming home hard and getting back on schedule. But we do it. We won't be home again until November so we have a little break :).

Bottom line is we love our families (despite differences) and we love James interacting with them. He is one loved child and it shows!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wonderful day with my hubby!!--RARE :)

Today was a great day. Shawn and I dropped James at MMO and went to get me a new wedding set b/c my diamond got lost out of my other set. We went to the mall and picked out a very pretty set that I am scared to wear but it will be ok. I should have it by Sunday, I feel so weird w/o my ring!! Shawn was so great when we picked it out b/c he said I was worth every penny!! AWWW....He was so sweet today and almost like when we were dating. Sad that we take eachother and our time together for granted even though he was gone for 15 months. We still need date nights w/o James and it is hard but we appreciate our time together!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Trip back to GA

Ok too funny!! Shawn had the brilliant idea of driving back during evening so James would sleep. Well he slept and then woke up and decided to watch TV around 3:00 a.m. He said it was bright so we put his sunglasses on in the car while it was dark so he could watch Baby Einstein. It cracked us up b/c he looked SO funny!!

We are back in GA and a bit tired but recouperating!! We miss our home when gone but miss our family when here...CRAZY!


Before we drove home on Wednesday we took a trip to visit the Firetrucks with the Mommy group here. James had talked about seeing the firetrucks all week so we couldn't miss it. Well as usual things weren't on his time so he had his melt down. They gave a tour of the fire house and all he wanted to do was see the truck. But when the time came he still pitched a fit so we left early and didn't get to get his fireman hat which made me sad. I don't get why he pitches fits but he was the ONLY child who did. I just don't get it...I try so hard and he acts up anytime in public!!! URGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can see his tears in the pictures and the fit he threw. But now he says "I ugly at firetrucks" so he knows he was not acting good. We tell him that he'll do better next time.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I miss James :(

Today Shawn took James to Huntsville to visit his side of the family while me and mom went looking at houses and just talking. We made an unplanned trip to AL on Wednesday b/c my mom just needed some support b/c of her jerk soon to be ex husband. It was a nice visit and I think we got some stuff accomplished. Once James arrived home all he talked about was Uncle Matt jumping in the pool with him and PaPaw's tractor. Shawn said Matt held James hand while he jumped off the diving board and that James loved it.

Anyway back to James going to HSV without me. This was the first time I had been away from him for that period of time. For the past 2 years I have stayed home with him and he has been the center of my world. I thought it would be great but I was SO depressed and bawled like a baby when he left. I think I called Shawn every 2 hours to make sure he was ok. He was fine and enjoyed spending time with the cousins and family. Gran and PaPaw's house has lots of toys for kids like tractors, 4 wheelers, pool etc. My mom and I spent time together and my sister and I went to Florence to get a not good for diet but so good going down. Plus had to get James one b/c I missed him. I thought maybe going to work would be good for me b/c I don't want to be this sad as he slowly leaves me. I am going to check on a foster care job back home but if it is meant to be it will happen. It will be hard being without him so I don't know. I miss him so much and it is amazing how quickly our lives change once we become mommies. My world revolves around a little round, short man :). Yes he tests me often but I wouldn't change it for the world. I struggle with my weight right now but ya know that too isn't top priority as long as I am healthy and doing what is best for me and my family. God will take care of the rest. I am just so used to being the "skinny" girl so it's a bit hard. Motherhood is the toughest job I'll ever love!!
James is so funny and I can't wait for him to get home in about 30 minutes!!! I missed him SO much!!! On the way here he was stubborn and being a bit crabby b/c he refused to nap the entire 6 hour drive. Shawn said "don't make me pull this car over and spank you" JAmes looked at him and said "Daddy you ugly" Then looked at him again and said "Daddy you CRAZE (aka CRAZY)" Shawn and I had to look out the window as we were laughing hysterically!! So funny!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day 2008

This weekend was a lot of fun. My sister came down for the long weekend and it was nice to have her around. I think I am so lonely right now b/c I haven't got the chance to meet anyone or get out just b/c of the whole moving thing :). Plus having Shawn home we don't want him left out.

All of us went to Monkey Joes, ate Chinese (James favorite), shopped, had a cookie at the mall (YUMMY) went swimming and just hung out. James loves his aunt "dra" and would wake her each morning with cars on her bed :). At the store if I walked off from her he would yell for her across the entire store!! So funny!!!

It was also the first Alabama football game that Shawn has been home in a while. Aunt Chresta and Uncle Matt bought this Alabama Jersey for James last year and now that daddy is home I am sure he will sport it each Saturday :) He looks so handsome.

On Sunday James took his first pee pee in the big boy potty!! We were so excited that he kept trying to strain more out :). So funny. He just said he wants to sit on potty and he did and out it came. So funny how something so personal and a bit gross is exciting for a parent :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Done at One :)

Wow what a day!! James threw so many tantrums in the mall. Shawn and I just wanted to get out and check out the area but I guess James didn't :). It frustrates me to no end listening to him scream at the mall and cry. I took him to the bathroom but it did no good. I just don't get it. It's not like he doesn't get to do fun stuff...I just like to get out too and not feel under pressure from a 1 1/2 year old. WOW!!! Part of me feels I have lost who I am except being a mommy. I love James and love staying home but I struggle as what to do...guilty if I return to work, guilted if I stay home. SAHM just sometimes get lost in the daily routine. Yes I volunteer and do stuff but it is very time limited with only 8 hours away from James total due to MMO (LIVESAVER)!! I honestly think I am done at one child. I am torn b/c some days I want to give James a sibling but then reality hits and having 2 kids I really would be stuck in my house with very little help weighing 500 lbs :). I'm lucky now to get to the gym or run some days.
People always ask about when are we having a 2nd....i feel guilted b/c I know that probably isnt gonna happen. Not that I don't love kids, just it's hard!! Doing Social Work I used to tell parents how to parent although i wasn't one, now i have a new respect for some of them. Not condoning child abuse AT ALL I just see how unique each child is and how somethings migh not work and when you have no support like many of my clients it is difficult. My best friend is pregnant with her 3rd and I admire her so much. She is so level headed and a good Christian woman. But it is a PERSONAL decision so I dont' think anyone can judge until they have walked in my shoes. Army life is very hard. I don't have Maw Maw to carry James to if I want to run to get nails done, grocery shopping or just a nap. Right now I have Shawn when he is here but that isn't a guarantee. I raised James the first 15 months alone and am very proud at what I accomplished but was difficult. Army life is great and I feel I grow with each move but it is hard. Hard adjusting to new areas, new homes, new people, etc. I am very proud of what my husband does for a living but unless you have gone thru it don't judge. Stop asking about another baby, if it is God's will then it will happen regardless my thoughts or wants right now. Emotionally and physically I am spent with one!! Hopefully these terrible 2's will pass soon and the sweet boy will shine through said earlier..he wuvs a momma!! He even told us today he was ugly and grouchy!!! HEHEHE...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Mommy Wuv!!

On Friday James said the sweetest thing to me. He said "I wuv a mommy" and hugged me!! Of course after that point he did no wrong the rest of the night!!! He now blows kisses and kisses us and his toys. He made me kiss his fire truck last night before bed. Amazing how fast kids grow. He will be 2 in about 2 1/2 months and it seems like only yesterday I was at Womack. Ok don't really remember the labor b/c I was drugged, THANK GOODNESS :).

He amazes me daily with how smart he is and how loving he is. He is definitely all boy but a sweet boy at that!

I wuv my James!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Riverbanks Zoo

This past weekend we went to Columbia, SC for a FLW (fishing event). It was a free hotel at the Hilton so James and I joined Shawn so we could also go to the zoo there. I was very excited since I have never been to a zoo and to go as a family was nice. James enjoyed it but loved the fish exhibit at the zoo the most. James and daddy rode the train there as well as the merry go round. The FLW event was nice too...just kind of boring for me. James got to jump in the bounce house, watch fish and look at all the boats...he is his father's son for sure!!! He also got some candy which he loved. At the hotel James was very brave and jumped into the deep without any help (he had floaties on of course). Overall it was a nice family trip but we are all glad to be home in GA and finish getting our house set up.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yeah Mommy!

Too funny not to share. Before moving to GA we bought a potty seat for James...granted we aren't pushing potty training yet we just wanted him to feel comfortable. So he would just sit on there and refuse to get down. So we praised him by saying "Yeah James, pee pee or poopie on the potty" because he would grunt like he was trying. Well the other day at Target I had to potty so I took James in the stall with me. He of course stand there looking at me and says "Yeah mommy poopie on the potty, ewww stinks". I hadn't even gone #2 but was a bit embarassed b/c there were others in there. Yes leave it to my son to say it. He is so funny!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye to our friends in NC was so hard. This is where I really had to grow up and begin my career as a social worker and mother. I met some GREAT friends that I will miss dearly but will keep in touch with for sure. James and his buddy Colson were so cute together. Colson is a hugger and kept hugging James...just makes you wonder if they sense that they are not going to see eachother for a while. I loved our house in Hope Mills and was so sad to see it empty. It was a house we made a home as a family but as Army life has it we will have many homes.

James missed his last day of MMO b/c he was sick. I went to drop him off and he cried and screamed, something he NEVER does. So after sitting with him and him clinging to me I decided to take him with me. Something again I never do but something said he wasn't feeling right. So long story short, he had a SEVERE ear infection. The dr. came in and he told her "ear hurt" she was so impressed he could tell her. But now he says everything hurts from his eye to his foot!! Silly kiddo!!

Georgia Bound

Today we went to Clarks Hill Lake. It was SO pretty. I am not a lake swimmer but this was so clear I jumped in and James followed!! He loves swimming with just his swimmies and kept saying "I swimmin mommy" SO CUTE!! Then as we were leaving he was impressed by the number of boats there and kept saying "boats everywhere, cars everywhere" along with "cars fast". He speaks very well and talks constantly.

We are slowly settling into our new home in GA. SO many boxes. But we are getting there. James has a CARS room and wakes up each morning saying "cars". This weekend we are meeting Shawn at the Columbia zoo so we are excited.

Shawn loves it here because he is so close to fishing he can whenever opposed to living in NC. THe shopping is good here and I haven't even been to mall yet.

James begins MMO next week and that is nice. Downfall is that it is so far away, but I am use to everything being so close in Hope Mills that I got spoiled. I hope he does well at this one.

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