Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

On March 23 Shawn and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. It is crazy that we've been married that long and this is our 4th to actually be together. We weren't going to do anything but Shawn asked some of our friends to watch James so we could go out. We ended up getting Japanese (YUMMY!!!!!!), picking out baby stuff for nursery (green monkey) and running to mall. Adult conversation, taking our time to eat and not going to bathroom for spankings every few minutes was refreshing!!

It was so nice to know that James was in good hands and that he loves Bart and Misty. He was so exhausted when he got home.

Shawn bought me an awesome jewelry set I always eyeball at the mall and the movie Fireproof. I got him an inversion table he has been wanting for a while.

Shawn is an amazing husband and father. He has really been helping out a lot lately around the house b/c I am just zonked byt James bedtime. He is packing and getting us ready to go to Alabama. He just overall is being so great lately I couldn't ask for more.

Our anniversary was amazing and we know we have many many more to celebrate with our two boys!

Monday, March 23, 2009

It's a BOY!!

We found out today we will be having another little boy this Summer. We couldn't wait the 3 more weeks and just had to know. So on our 7th anniversary we found out that we will be having another boy!! We were thrilled to see that the heartbeat was healthy, spinal cord intact, and a very active baby. He was all over the place. We are very blessed with another baby boy...Guess God has a reason for no girls for me :(. I have to admit both of us were filled with mixed emotions. We were wondering how you could be so happy yet slightly disappointed at the same time. We both so badly wanted a girl. Shawn said he is sad too b/c he will never get to walk his daughter down the aisle. I have been emotional since we got home...happy, sad...gotta sell the pink I bought. Although I knew deep down it was a boy, part of me was holding on to maybe I was wrong. Hormones are AWFUL! James will be a good big brother so we know that much. God has blessed us with 2 healthy boys so far so we wouldn't ask for more. For those that are thinking well you could try once more...NOPE!! Not an option. We said either way that this was it for us. Even with a 3rd no guarantee of a girl and 2 is enough for me....those of you who know me probably know that 1 was good for me :). Done at One was always my phrase so Through at Two is my new one and FINAL one :). Well off to go thru James clothes and sort what can be reused.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ready to Move it!!

Whew I am the most impatient person in the world!! Shawn finished CPT Career Course the 20th and I am so ready to move to AL.....or at least get where we are going. Moving to AL comes with many mixed emotions...good and bad so we'll see. We'll be there for 2 years so I hope all goes smoothly. The biggest thing is that we enjoy family time with our families but we also enjoy starting our own traditions with just our lil' family. We know that we will be away from them most of the time in this Army Career so we have to make our own. I went home last weekend for 4 1/2 days searching for a home. NOTHING....I found one in Florence that was what we wanted but a little higher than we wanted. We probably are going to end up getting it just b/c rentals are scarce especially for a nice area and home. If we pass it up then we might not find another one. It's a nice home in a nice neighborhood not far from James MMO and UNA. It's really close to an awesome park and running trail in Florence so that is exciting. I am just anxious to get to packing, moving and setting things up before baby comes. The Army is SO SLOW about anything but deployments it seems! I guess we'll start packing next week while James is at MMO and just line boxes in the garage. Shawn decided to move us so he can get paid and put the money towards the Tahoe to pay it off. One less car payment will definitely help. But moving is STRESSful enough w/o trying ot do it yourself. So we'll see.

Oh did I mention we are about 99% sure our house is sold. :) God has answered 2 huge prayers for us which I am very thankful for! I definitely was down in the dumps for a while wondering WHY WHY WHY WHEN WHEN WHEN! :) The guy is doing somewhat like a lease to buy. He has to rent for 6 months and then will purchase. All the paperwork is signed,money put towards it, etc. Our realtor went above and beyond to ensure he will qualify for a loan. She is awesome. So no double or triple payments for us in April!! YEAH!!! We really sold the house fairly cheap but we just didn't want to be tied down to it. I miss my lil' house on the hill. So many memories there for sure. But we have learned memories are made wherever we go.

James has been so sick with bronchitus and it is pitiful. He has thrown up several times, coughs to the point of no breath and shakes. It is the most pitiful thing. I worry when we go back for check up if things are better they might put him in hospital :(. They didn't say that but just scares me. He couldnt' handle augmentin and I'm not sure the Z-pack is working like it should. It sucks to feel so helpless over your little one. He's still as smart as a whip and it doesn't get him down. The other day I went to talk to him because he was doing something he shouldn't. So i bend down to talk to him and he looks at me, tilts his head and said "Hi Cutie"!! AWWW...Shawn had to turn his head to keep from laughing!! Such the manipulater :). i'll just be glad when we can sleep again w/o waking up coughing and vomiting. He's a trooper though.

Monday is our 7 year anniversary! I can't believe it. Sadly I think we've only spent maybe 4 of them in the same state. Some of our great friends in GA are watching James so we can have a few hours of kid free dinner or movie. James loves them so he will be thrilled. Today at Shawn's graduation he kept asking "Where's Bark (AKA Bart)?" He said "I love him, I hug him today" Sure enough Misty walked in and he ran up and gave her a big hug!! Then was Bart's turn. He so badly wanted to fish with Bart and Daddy today but his health just wasn't up to the coolness and wind today on the water. That's all he ever asks about is fishing with them. :(

Also on Monday we are paying to have a 3d ultrasound to find out the gender of our baby. Shawn felt the baby kick for the first time Tuesday!! Makes it feel so real!. i couldn't wait 3 more weeks!! Killing me to know!! I feel it is a boy but Shawn swears it is a girl. I think either way as long as it is healthy we will be content. Of course since we have our strapping young man we both would love a healthy girl but only God knows what is in store for us and has already determined it.

Monday, March 2, 2009

My Smart Little Boy!! :)

James is the smartest, quickest thinking little boy I have ever seen. There is never a dull moment in this house with him. We are very blessed to have him and I can't imagine life w/o him. :).

At bedtime he usually likes to "read" his two books and then he knows he has to stay in bed and no playing. Tonight Shawn went to check on him and he has his bucket of blocks in his bed. When Shawn asked him what he was doing he said "I play blocks in my bed." He knew that he wasn't supposed to get out of bed so he stretched to get them and he thought since he didn't get out of bed to play that playing on the bed was ok. After getting a good laugh out of it we put them up and he went to bed. I swear that kids amazes me!!

James is amazing. He talks all the time and he is the most lovable little boy ever. We are anxious to find out baby Dalrymple's sex in April we hope!! We just hope all is healthy. James still isn't 100% sold ont he fact of another baby but too late now. I think he will be an amazing big brother. So lovable and cute!!

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