Friday, October 29, 2010

This and That

Whew, it seems I never really have time to sit and update the blog like I would like. We are gearing up for the Holidays and it is so exciting with kids! We are doing some fun stuff at Christmas time especially while Shawn is here to share in the fun.

We have about 7-8 more months here and then it looks like we will be going to Kansas for Shawns ILE school (Major school). We are debating if I will go or stay but more than likely I will go because after he does his schooling and we PCS again he will most definitely deploy since he has been stateside since 2008. He is still planning on career Army which means we have about 12 more years of this thing called "Army Life". Living in Alabama has definitely had its ups and downs. I love having my friend, Courtney, nearby. She is a lifesaver in so many ways for me. I have also grown very close to Kristin, another Army Wife, which is great. She is so fun and just laid back, she balances me. The family involvement, however, isn't what I had hoped. It seems that when we are gone everyone is so anxious to see James or wonder what he is doing and wish they could be involved, yet while we have lived here we just haven't seen much company. This is really the only time that they will be able to see him play sports or just see his every day life. Despite the words of "we'll visit" when we move, we know traveling the distance we live when we move is difficult. Maybe my expectations were too high moving here. Families expand and get busy, schedules are hectic.

James will be 4 in just a few days. James attends MMO 3 days a week and is doing so great. Mrs. Emily is a wonderful teacher and I can see James learning so much this year. He is taking gymnastics Tuesdays after school which he loves. I peek in on him and he is so good at it. James is a natural at most things he does which is awesome. He has his two final soccer games and then we get a break until Tball season begins in April. (I will update more on James after his 4th birthday)

Ethan is 15 months now. He still looks so much like me as a baby...sheesh he is cute :) Although he finally has his sleeping habits regulated he is still an awful traveler! He screams almost the entire ride just going to Huntsville. He also is developing his personality and it is so funny because he grasps so much more than what he can verbalize. I bet it must be so frustrating to have all this stuff going through your head that you want to communicate but just can't! He is doing a lot of pointing of what he wants with a little "eh" as he points. We have taught him sign language for "more" and "all done" for meal times. However, often times he would just rather dump his food in my floor to tell me he is done. Oh the tantrums this little boy can throw! He lays down, kicking his feet while screaming. Then if James has a toy and won't give it to him he just screams...tenses his entire body up and screeches as to say "I want that now give it to me".  Yes he gets time outs and little pops on the hands but I really don't see them working too much. Ethan is completely opposite in every aspect of James as a baby. I know people say don't compare your children but we all do. Ethan is so much smaller than James which is so odd b/c I look at Ethan and think he is a James must have been a massive baby :). Ethan loves brushing his teeth, likes his vegetables, LOVES yogurt raisins and peanut butter.

Having two boys definitely keeps me on my toes. They provide numerous challenges but also plentiful and abundant love for me and Shawn. I love watching them interact. My favorite part of each day is in the morning when the boys wake up, James always gives Ethan a hug and kiss. Ethan will then wrap his short, chubby arms around James too and smile. It is the sweetest thing ever!! I always said I only wanted one baby after James was born but I am SO thankful that God knew my plans and didn't hold back. I can honestly say our family is complete with Ethan and I can't imagine life without him. I am thankful for two healthy boys that I would lay my life down for at any given time. You never know love until you have kids of your own.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Upward Soccer

James is playing his first year of Upward Soccer at Crosspoint Church of Christ in Florence.  Initially he was to be coached by Courtney and another girl but because they needed more coaches Courtney asked me if I would be her assistant coach. Yes I know....I am clueless about any sports so this was quite a task for me :). Our team is the Dragons and it consists of 2 boys and 4 girls. James and Rorie are the two boys. Bonnie, Barklee, Ava and Olivia are the girls. Rorie has proven to be quite a challenge for us but we know that he will get it soon. The first week I was asking what did I get myself into with this? Kids were hot, tired and not getting it not to mention James meltdowns when he didn't score or get the ball...seriously?? But now that we are further into the season things are going great!! The kids are learning TEAMWORK which is the key to any sport. It is so great! In this age league we don't keep score, don't have goalies and play 4 on 4..although we prefer 3 on 3 so whenever possible we use that theory.

We scrimmage diffferent teams during practice and on one of the teams is a really big girl who is kind of a bully...she pushes and is super aggressive which our kids aren't use to. James told Shawn about it and Shawn told him to just push her bag and that he can use his elbows to get her out of his way. The entire time I am wanting to push Shawn down b/c James doesn't need to start off being a bully but learning what is allowed and what is good sportsmanship. Well next practice the girl is all over them again. James bends his arm and chases her with his elbow bent...SOOOOOOOOO funny!!!! he didn't knock her down but it was SOO obvious he was trying to do what Shawn said. So when James got in the car we had to talk to him....without cracking up.  Then next game James got the whistle blown for pushing :(. I understand he needs to be aggressive but he doesnt' understand the happy medium of being fair and aggressive together. I know he will learn.

James is an excellent player and has great potential.I love that Courtney and I have this opportunity because once we move we won't be back for a while. I love that two of my dearest friends in AL kids play on our team and we have fun. This has been well worth the experience and I wouldn't trade it for anything. However, James has told me he will be playing tball again in the spring...I prefer soccer though b/c it is more involvement than just hitting the ball off a tee. But he can do whatever he chooses right now :)

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