Monday, July 29, 2013

Bye Bye Binky

I think knowing that Ethan is my last baby I am not as eager to let him become a "big boy". Hence the issue of not taking his pacifer at a younger age. And it didnt' help when we visited the dentist that he told me it was fine for him to have it until abround 4 and even as old as 5. Although I knew I wanted to break him much earlier than that it dawned on me that he was 3 and would be pushing 4 before I knew it. I had tried it once before and he cried crocodile tears so I just gave it back to him. Seriously, what could it hurt if he only took it at bed and naptime if it meant keeping my sanity :). He wasn't the child who walked around in public with it hanging out while trying to talk. It was his soothing item and I understood it comforted him. Poor kid has lived in 3 states in 3 year of his life :). Yes I know excuses excuses.

With much determination I talked to Ethan about sleeping without binky and how he will always be my little biggie boy but that it was time for him to sleep without it. The first night was a bit rough but after that he was a true champ! It helped that I "bribed" him with a chart to fill up with stickers each night he slept without it. AFter 2 weeks of no binky he earned his prize of firetruck toys. ( I bought on clearance at Christmas and stashed them). He was so excited and so proud of himself.

I must admit it was bittersweet. Although I was so so proud of him for giving it up so easily I miss going in there to kiss him goodnight and seeing binky in his mouth. It is another reminder of just how much he is growing and changing.

Only bad note is that now he doesn't nap AT ALL because he just couldn't sleep during the day without it. Nighttime he is so worn out that he crashes as soon as his head hits the pillow. I must say sometimes I want to give it back just for 2 hours of quiet time and to sneak in a nap myself :).

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Iron Knights

James wrestled for Iron Knights Wrestling league here in Clarksville, TN this season. As in true James fashion he picked up quickly on techniques and took on challenges with no fear. Although I am not a huge fan of the sport I support  my son in whatever he does. Even if that means getting up and moving on Saturday mornings to spend an entire day in a gym just to watch him wrestle a few matches. Most of his time was on the DS or iPod. We only did tournaments that were with an hour or so drive since he is still young. The best part was that Shawn was able to help coach and strengthen a bond between them. James had several top 3 finishes for his weight class. This included children who were 2nd graders and had much more experience than him.

Regionals were being held the first Saturday after Shawn deployed so I was worried for many reasons. I was worried about understanding the brackets and knowing when to send James down to wrestle. I was worried mentally how James would do without Shawn being there. I was worried how I would enterain Ethan the entire time in the gym because I couldn't just leave James.

James had a very hard time with Shawn deploying. Thankfully, Mr. Zac (Shawn's oldest and dearest friend) came down and helped fill that void as much as he could. Mr. Zac coached and cheered James on which was very encouraging. James was 0.4 pounds over his normal weight so Mr. Zac made him run for 30 minutes to get down to goal weight. After we headed to CiCi's and James said food never tasted so good :). The day of the tournament Shawn was able to call several times to check the status of James. You would've thought Alabama was playing for another championship based on how nervous and anxious Shawn was. James made it through his first few matches with wins and even got a pin! Then came the semifinal round and that kid was a beast!! He was a 2nd grader who obviously had experience under his belt and used the choking technique. During this James yelled "stop the match" and because referees have to take it seriously the match was called based on a forfeit :(. Despite both coaches arguing it wasn't what he meant it had to be called. However, our little champ didn't let defeat get the best of him. After a pep talk from Mr. Zac and one final match to place in the top 4 he was raring and ready to go!! He dominated and won his last match placing him in 3rd place in the Regional Tournament!! I was sooooo proud of my little champ!! As in keeping with tradition he got to get a tshirt. We all agreed that the saying he chose for the back was very appropriate. As the guy was heat pressing the shirt Mr. Zac made a comment about how it smelled awful. James replied "it's the smell of victory". Gotta love him!

Although he earned a slot in the state tournament he has chosen not to attend. He just isn't showing much interest since Shawn left. It is a very demanding sport and we are not going to push him at this age. He has proven enough and we know he is a true champion!

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