Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

Wow! We had an amazing Christmas this year. Being home in Alabama was so nice and not having to worry about travel and rushing back to our house for Christmas Eve. Regardless where we are we always plan to be a family in our house for Christmas Eve, especially while Shawn is here.

We had 4 seperate festivities. The first one we hosted at our house with Shawn's dad and siblings. I cooked lasagna with takeout salad from Olive Garden. To be able to have them in our home for a change was so nice. The second was with Shawn's mom and siblings again at his mother's house. Santa made his grand appearance at Gran's house. Each child (and adult) sat on Santa's lap so this thrilled the children. The third was with my family at our house again where we cooked traditional Christmas dinner. The fourth was with Shawn's family yet again in Crossville combined with a baby shower for Shawn's cousin's wife. Whew...we were wiped out byt this point :). But we are enjoying being with family for sure this year because we said when we moved that we won't be coming home as often as we have in the past. James enjoyed spending time with his cousins.

On Christmas Eve we made Santa a double doozie cookie and put next to the tree. The reindeers got apples on the front porch. James went to bed rather easily that night so Santa was able to come early to fill stockings and put out the presents. My mom and sister came over on Christmas morning around 7 a.m. to be there to share in the excitement. James got up about 7:30 or so. We started off by talking about Jesus birth and the real reason we celebrate Christmas. Then he opened his stocking and moved his way onto the presents. He got quite a few great toys between everyone. He opened his 'blue truck with a blue trailer and pontoon boat' last....this was the toy he really wanted more than anything. Once he opened it it was all over at that point. He LOVES that toy. Ethan got some new toys as well but of course was just as happy with playing with the paper and bows. Then I made monkey bread for a special treat for Christmas morning. After our prayer we sang "happy birthday Jesus" and enjoyed a family breakfast. It was a very busy day but was very enjoyable. We went to my mom's to do presents then came back to our house for dinner that night, Shawn's dad joined us as well. I loved cooking and preparing the meal. As much as I love the Holidays I don't like the pounds it brings along with it so I am going to be hitting the gym hard soon!!

We are so blessed to have Shawn home with us this year. The soldiers who are serving overseas as well as their familes are never far from our thoughts. I know that it is such a mixture of emotions for these brave people. Carrying on traditions while a huge hole is missing in your family is so difficult. We are so thankful for all our soldiers and their families. We know that our time will come too soon that Shawn will once again be gone so we are cherishing each minute as a family.

I know I complain about all the food, visiting, etc but I know we are blessed to have family and ample food on our table. There are so many who are struggling this time of year and I know we are so fortunate. James got money for his birthday and we adopted a 4 year old angel from Salvation Army Tree in which he spent his money on the little boy. He wanted to deliver the presents to him and play with him. It was so sweet and innocent that he just didn't understand how a child has no mommy or daddy or even toys. :). it is a tradition we definitely will continue in the years to come.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Ethan- 4 month

Ethan had his 4 month check up today. He weighed almost 14 lbs and was 24 inches. He was in the 50th percentiled for both. SO odd b/c James was always in 95th or so. Ethan is just a more petite baby I guess :). While I was there I voiced our concerns and frustrations with Ethan's constant crying. I told the dr. that if they check him and if they find nothing medically wrong then I will be ok with letting him cry it out but only if they can tell me. Our doctor conferred with the head doctor and they agreed that Ethan is just a high maintanence baby...aka SPOILED :). Although they tell me this I am not 100% sold on it. He just cries ALL the time it seems. It is definitely taking its toll on our family...exhaustion, james is kinda put on back burner, etc. Just hard but we know it will get better.

I am just glad for a healthy growing baby boy. He smiles all the time, well when held and talked to. He started cereal with some bananas and he loves them. He lets me know when it is time for it at night.

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