Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fall Fun

This year we took James and Ethan to Tate Farms in Meridianville, AL. We met Shawn's sister (Chresta) and her family there. James was so excited when we got there. There is so much to do and he is at that age where everything is exciting and he is full of life! I LOVE IT! The last time we went was when he was 11 months old and barely toddling. Shawn was deployed but I was in AL for James birthday and met his family there. It is so amazing to look at the amount he has grown in these past 2 years! We were thrilled Shawn was there this year to enjoy the fun. He carried Ethan in the Baby Bjorn. It was so cold and windy but Ethan was toasty warm against daddy :). James was excited to spend time with Delaine and Avery. They play so well together despite the age gap. They are such sweet girls! James got to climb tires, swing, slide, play in corn crib, hold a bunny, feed a goat and take a hayride to find the perfect pumpkin. I had to take Ethan to the car to feed him so I missed the hayride :( but Shawn and James came back with a whopping 25 lb pumpkin. It was a day filled with fun. After the Pumpkin Patch we drove to Shawn's mothers house for the Alabama Game. James got a lot of cousin playing time which was good. I can so tell I am a transplant during these games because everyone is on edge watching the game and I'm oblivious :)..kinda funny.

Then the following Tuesday we attended a Fall Festival at my mother's school. It was a bunch of games for the kids and James LOVED it. His favorite was the bean bag toss. He also enjoyed dancing in the disco room. Shawn stayed home with Ethan so James and I could have our mother son time b/c it is so rare that we get alone time.

Then Halloween rolled on us. James was Buzz Light Year and Ethan was a Tiger. My initial costumes were Pooh and Tigger but James insisted on Buzz and I didn't want to spend a lot on Ethan's costume so I just got a cheapy from Wal Mart. I have to say they were the cutest trick or treaters out that night! We first went to my mom's house for her treats and to see the cousins. James REALLY got into it and would run back from each house saying "we gotta do this again" and would ride on the stroller until we hit the next house. We walked around the circle in our neighborhood and we were done. No need to overdo it on candy! It's the experience that counts. Then we came home and poured out the loot! He got some good stuff...too good b/c mommy LOVES chocolate but chocolate doesn't love mommy's waistline :). James is such a sweet kid. He took a couple pieces and let me put it up with no tantrums! Each day he gets 1-2 pieces as treats. I love that kid!! Hard to believe he will be 3 next week!

Now time for Thanksgiving and Christmas!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!! We're gonna put our tree up soon I want it up before we go to Polar Express at end of November. I love Christmas time and the magic in the air for kiddos!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

First Real Reel

James beloved "CARS" Fishing rod...the one that landed him in Bassmasters....bit the dust. So on Saturday Shawn took James to Dick's to pick out his first reel!! Of course Ethan and I tagged along for photo ops :). After much deliberation they concurred on one. James also picked a lure to go on his new rod. It amazes me how big James has gotten and how much he enjoys fishing. Watching him cast his new rod in the front yard was so neat. Also some comedy when he whacked Shawn with it on accident :)...hehehe

Then on Sunday Shawn took James fishing with his new rod. Shawn said James caught about 10 good fish on his own. James came home feeling quite fulfilled needless to say :) I know Shawn is proud of James and enjoys that alone time with him. Soon it will be the 3 of them and I'll be there spending time with my boys!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ethan's 2 month

Ethan had his two month check up last Thursday. He weighed 11 lbs even and was 23 inches long. He is a light weight compared to James at that age. I think his reflux has a lot to do with it. I told the dr. that he wasn't eating like I thought because he woudl cry after about 4 minutes on each side. After the dr. inspected his mouth he noticed that his tounge is like James, the frenulum(SP) is right at the end which doesn't allow for much movement. He said that might be causing him to get frustrated b/c he can't latch on correctly. He recommended having it snipped so I am waiting for an appt. Initially I wasn't going to do it b/c I didn't with James and everyone knows he talks just fine but it was the feeding that lured me into considering it. Ethan wakes so often b/c he just can't eat a lot w/o getting frustrated or upset b/c of it. So we'llsee.

James also had a dr. appt for his recurring ear infection...well he still has one after about 6 weeks of it!! He is being referred to ENT as well to see why it isn't clearing up.

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