Sunday, September 9, 2012

Roll Tide Roll...LIVE :)

This past weekend Shawn was lucky enough to score us a great deal on Alabama tickets. It was the first time for me to ever go to a game there so I was super pumped. All week we talked to the boys to pump them up and Ethan was so excited to finally see Big Al while James talked about wanting to wink at the cheerleaders :). Gotta love him. We left out on Friday afternoon and drove to Birmingham to sleep. The next morning we went to the store to get some Alabama gear and the clouds let was POURING. All I could think is I can't imagine sitting in this mess much less walking to where we had to sit. But thankfully when we got to the game it was dry and the weather was GORGEOUS.

Thanks to parking we had to walk quite a distance but I was in awe by how big and how beautiful the campus was. The fraternity houses were gorgeous.  I just couldn't imagine going to that big of a school. I admire its beauty but I love where we went to college. As we walked it was crazy at how some of these girls dressed for a football game!! Just another reason I am thankful I have boys :). I have never seen so much crimson, white and houndstooth in my life. Football is VERY serious here people.

We started out by watching the Walk of Champions where the entire Alabama Crimson Tide team walked from the bus to the stadium. All I wanted to see is Coach Saban but of course we were nowhere near the front so we put James on Shawn's shoulders and handed him the camera.  I think he has a future as a paparazzi with as many pics as he took but he got the one picture I wanted...Coach Saban :). After that we went to the Quad to let the boys bounce and play. James attempted to kick a field goal while Ethan bounced in an inflatable. Afterwards the boys got suckered into autographs with the womens soccer team. James was smitten and as we left he gave them his famous wink which had them all laughing. Then it was time to move to see the Elephant Stomp where the band performs. I thought the boys would be impressed but they weren't too enthused. Finally the time had come to make the walk to our seats. James was so excited. Upon entering the stadium we quenched our thirst with $4 cokes....yes insane!!We found our seats and they were awesome. We were on the 6th row and so close to the field I couldn't believe it. It was just breathtaking in there and I was in awe at how big the stadium was. We tried to get pictures with Big Al but people are just rude and I am not forceful enough.....I tried, I tried. Ethan was happy with the snacks of funnel cakes and nachos. James loved yelling Defense and was so excited he could read "D"-and the picture of a fence :).

As any good fairytale would have it Alabama won 38-0.  It was such an awesome time spent as a family and a good memory for when Shawn is gone in 4 months :(.

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