Friday, July 31, 2009

Day 2, Family of 4

Last night Shawn and I decided to take Ehtan to the nursery so we could get some sleep. Of course I couldn't sleep b/c pitocin was still dripping and it beeped each time it dripped plus my uterus and stitching was aching. I opted for Loritab finally and it helped ease me a bit. Shawn slept for about 6 hours in the wonderfully comfy chairs they provide :). Around 7:30 I went to get Ethan again to feed him. He is latching on ok but I still have no milk so it's hard at times. My mom brought James up around 8:30 this morning and he stayed until about 11:00ish. WE bought him a couple of big brother gifts and told him yesterday that when he came to visit that Ethan had him a surprise. Mom said when James woke up this morning that he told her his tummy was full (although no breakfast had been ate) and he needed to get his surprise from Ethan. :) :)

We got James a big boy bookbag filled with cars, boats, crayons, candy, color books, stickers etc. Then We got him a CARS fire race track for him to play. He did really good while here that long and played. Only on a couple of occasions did he act up..but to be expected. He was SO excited that he got gifts. He said "thank you Ethan"..SO CUTE. He loves to hold him and give him Eskimo kisses!! He is so sweet!!

Ethan is doing great. He is just precious. He has had his urination and bowel movements and all looks great. He'll be circumcised tomorrow before we head home. I've got a little clothes shopping to do b/c I don't have any NB stuff really for him. He is long though so I might can go straight to 0-3 mths. I seriously was expecting an 8 lb baby but b/c ogliohydrosis came into play again he was small.

All and all everything is going well. REady to get home and get a little routine going and get James out and about again.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ethan Charles Dalrymple is born!

Ethan Charles Dalrymple was born at 8:13 p.m. He weighed 6 lbs 2 oz and was 21 inches long. He has a head of dark hair and a receding hairline like his daddy..hehehe. To me he already has a perfect little face with chubby cheeks. He is perfect!!!!!!!! I am so glad we decided to have a 2nd but now we are complete as a family. From the time they started the cervix thinning drug to time of delivery it was about 14 1/2 not bad compared to 28 hours with James!!
Last official pic of family of 3

At 1:30 p.m. they broke my water and thing progressed very fast after they began the pitocin. Everyone went to eat supper...well everyone but me around 6:15. (my last meal was at 4 a.m.)The doctor came to check me and was about 5 cm and he said by the time he got back from supper we should be ready to push. Well around 7:15 I was checked again and the nurse called the doctor b/c I was ready to push. The doctor didn't even get to eat before we started delivering this baby. After some pushes he finally came out but had the ambilical cord wrapped 2 times so they had to stop to remove it. Shawn cut the cord and then we heard the wonderful cries of our new son. With James we didn't hear him cry much so this was a much needed relief. His coloring was good as well. 5 fingers, 5 toes, and a little peterbug :). He is so small. He is 3 oz smaller than James but 2 inches longer. I know he will grow and change so fast. It took James only 1 month to fill out and get chunky. Shawn went back with Ethan for his first bath while I got cleaned up and moved into the room.

I had two wonderful coaches with me during this process. Shawn was so great. He would rub my calves and neck because I was in a lot of pain pre-epidural. He would hold my hands during the pain and just reassure me it was all ok and knew it would be worth seeing our little man. Mom was great too she would give me warning to breath before one hit. Both held a leg as I pushed out this lil' blessing. It was nice to have him so close to home. Our doctor, Dr. Allen was SO great. To have the same man you have seen the last few months deliver your baby is a nice feeling. At Bragg we had a midwife and it was whoever was on call that day. He was AWESOME!!

My bestest friend came to visit while I waited for the meds to kick in and get the process moving. I SO needed that laugh before the pain began. I had so many wonderful friends checking on me. I am blessed with the friends I've made over the years.

Of course I had several breakdowns of missing James and it hurt so bad. I just worry how I'll do with 2 and still have time for myself. James was getting some Papa D(Shawn's dad) time while we were not home. He is perfect to me and I just wondered how this baby would affect his life b/c he has been it for 2 1/2 years. After Ethan was born my sister took James up to meet his little brother. He was SO excited and to see his face when he saw Ethan for the first time truly melted my heart!!! He loves to hold him and kiss him. He kept telling me and Shawn to hurry and bring Ethan home. James kept asking where my belly was...yes it is still fluffy but he is so innocent :). Seeing them together just melts me. I know it will be a huge adjustment but we will survive. Having Shawn home this go around and family will be nice.

His face when he first met Ethan!! PRICELESS!!!!!!!

Giving Ethan kisses!!
Hat and truck Maw Maw brought for the new big brother

I love my family and am so blessed!! I am blessed with wonderful family and friends!!

Hospital Bound

Well it is 4:24 a.m. on July 30 and we are preparing to go to the hospital for induction of Ethan. I am so scared, sad, excited...everything into one. I didn't sleep well last night at all and to add to it James woke up crying b/c he had peed in pull up and wanted me. It broke my heart to think of him waking up the next couple of days w/o us here. I probably will send Shawn back a lot to be there and keep as normal as possible. Of course mom and Andrea will be here too and they are "normal fixtures" around our house anyway. Shawn's dad will have him most of today and hopefully will get to visit us depending on how I am feeling and progressing. Don't want to scare him with the wires. I am so going to miss James!!

It's now 10:15 and still not much going on. My cervix was very high and thick and still only dialated 1 cm. They have given me a pill to help thin my cervix but they said that it will take a while probably b/c of lack of thinnning or dialating. After that I will get petocin. The dr. came in this morning and tried to break water again but too high up still. Kinda glad he didn't bc i'm not dialated and breaking my water too soon might result in c section so I think all is going as well as can at this time. Heart rate is staying steady. But they said it could take until tomorrow to actually have him....LONG LABOR again. With James I was in labor for 28 hours from start to finish but he was born under distress at the lovely Army facility. We shall see.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Here Comes Baby (38 weeks)

Today we had our normal weekly visit for 37 1/2 weeks. I took James with me to see the ultrasound and hear the heartbeat because he kept asking. Shawn was meeting us there but they called me for ultrasound before he got there. James did so good sitting there and watching Ethan on the screen. He said there are two Ethans and I was like oh no there isn't but he meant the screen the tech was looking at and the one we saw. He is so funny...he woke up this morning saying his belly hurt and his brother was kicking him...guess he hears me saying it :). Then we went back to the waiting room to be called by the doctor and Shawn came in. James was so excited and proudly announced to everyone that was his daddy and he was a paratrooper soldier :). SO SMART.

Ok back to dr. appt :). My normal dr was out so his partner saw me. When he walked in he asked how I was and I said I am good. Then he said "your ultrasounds aren't". Shawn and I looked at eachother and my heart sank. He said your fluids are at 6 and the baby hasn't grown in the past week. He said there isn nothing to panic about but that he wanted to schedule induction tomorrow at 5 a.m. just to be safe. I was caught of guards because I really thought I'd go up until next Friday. I just pray that he is healthy and we have an easier ans afer delivery than with James. He said he didn't think they woudl have to balloon me but they would give petocin and a pill to help my cervix drop. He said that my cervix is still very high and that I was only dialated 1 cm probably. He tried to break my water but it was very painful and he stopped. Then he made the weirdest comment (he was very nice so don't get me wrong). He said he couldn't get it to break b/c he had "short stubby fingers"...just kinda weird and I got a chuckle. Of course when we got home Shawn said he could break my water :)..hahahaha.

So after the visit I was in panic mode and "last meal" mode. James and I went to the mall and got some curtains. Then we shared Chic-Fil-A (grilled chicken :)) and got a cookie from Great American cookie company. Ok I got a cookie AND a brownie..i made my sister go back and get the brownie for me so I didn't look like a glutton. But it was so good. I couldn't even eat supper tonight. Shawn and I will probably eat on the go tomorrow and that will be my last hoorah since I only ate poorly b/c of pregnancy. Shawn told James to enjoy today b/c mommy would no longer be making good stuff :)...hehehe. TRUE TRUE TRUE

So we are heading to bed soon. Well Shawn is fishing tonight with his dad. My mom is here to stay the night with us just in case. James will spend the day with Shawn's dad tomorrow and might go to the sitter on Friday just to have other kids to play with for a while. I don't know how long they will keep me but i hope to be out Saturday we will see.

It will be kinda nice b/c my friends are here and to have them visit will be a nice change. At Bragg my good friend Beth came to the hospital and it was nice. I really will miss her this time around but this is Army life.

Well tonight marks the end of our family of 3. Excited, scared and nervous all in one :). Praying for a healthy delivery and baby.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Trying-some Three's...EARLY

Whew!! Lately James has been SO testy. I always heard it was the terrible 2's and trysome threes and I believe it. He will just boldly look at you and ignore what is being said in a very stubborn way. You think he'd learn after a few spanking but he still is so strong willed. Also if you ask him if he wants to do something he will say "no" just to spite you and then a couple minutes later come and say he wants to do it. So I don't give in and have to hold strong even if it means more punishment for me. He can be so sweet and loving when he wants to be but also be as stubborn and strong willed!! I guess I just take it too personally when he misbehaves....feel people judge me for not having "control" over my son. But I should know that children are strong willed and that being firm and consistent is the key with him.

Last night I think I had my lil' breakdown realizing that I will soon be a mother of 2 boys. I cried so hard wondering how I will handle 2 kids and still take care of me physically and emotionally b/c I give all I have for James right now. I feel guilty doing anything for me outside of the gym. I wondered how I would split my time between 2 sweet boys equally and how James will share the "spotlight" once Ethan arrives. It is a very exciting time but also kinda sad b/c my baby is going on 3 and will now be my big boy (although always mommy's baby).I don't know....just emotional thinking about how our world is going to change but for the best of course.

I had some contractions yesterday and still some today. Nothing severe but I am also comparing them to Petocin contractions that were SO bad that these seem easy. With James I don't remember contractions until I was induced and then boy oh boy do I remember them :) Nothing consistent so no hospital visits but I think maybe soon. Mom was on standby last night b/c Shawn was fishing a tournament. I told him I'd only call him if it was true labor...deep down he was hoping I'd wait and go after that :) So many emotions mixed into births. It will be nice to be in Alabama and have help just across the river if needed. Of course I am stubborn adn hate asking for help so it won't be too often :). also having Shawn home will be extra nice since he wasn't around with James from age 2 months to 17 months. So Ethan will be his "firsts" and it will be fun.

Hopefully soon I'll get to update about Ethan. I know at the most I have less than two weeks b/c they will induce at 39 weeks. So August 8th will be last day. I go Wednesday for weekly check and dialtion check so I can't wait. Knowing me I'm only 1 cm :)...hehe

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

36 1/2 weeks

Well I had the regular check up today for my 36 weeks. The fluids decreased right around 8 but still no worries. The dr. said it appears I will NOT have ogliohydrosis that will cause early birth this time around which is great news. Ethan's heartbeat is good and he moves a lot it seems. He is measuring right on target and currently weighs around 6 lbs right now. I was thinking I would have an 8 lb baby so looking kinda right if I go full term. The dr. did not check for dialation today b/c they said b/c i'm not exactly 37 weeks that they wouldn't check until next week b/c they said it can sometimes cause labor to begin...of course I am thinking "CHECK ME NOW THEN" but I will let Ethan come on his own. This pregnancy I am SO achy and just tired. My patience with James is worn VERY thin and emotions are high.

I just feel there is not any me time with 1 child how will it work with 2. Shawn's new boat of course keeps him fishing or doing something to it although he said it wouldn't so I dont' always get breaks at night even. Just hard at times.

After my appt. Shawn and James met me at ECM to tour where we'd have Ethan. I couldn't believe the size of the rooms and NOT having to share with a stranger. The rooms are really big and have seperate sitting areas for visitors. At Womack on Ft. Bragg the rooms were shared and only seperated by a curtain. So even when my baby was asleep or myself there was no rest b/c visitors on the otherside of curtain or their baby was crying. NO rest at all. Visitors pretty much sat on your bed or on top of you when visiting at Womack. I think there will be ample room in these rooms at ECM. James kept asking to hear the heartbeat b/c last time we took him with us to dr. they heard it. He was a bit bummed about not hearing it. We are trying to prepare him for when Ethan comes. We tell him Andrea or MawMaw will sleep at your house while mommy and daddy at the hospital but that he can come visit and hold Ethan when he gets up. We also got him a new bookbag filled with goodies for his "big brother" bag. He picked out the bag and said he liked it a while back but I secretly have hidden it for a month now. Just so he knows he is still my baby!!

So I go back next Wednesday for another ultrasound and they will check for dialation. I have had some contractions but nothing consistent. Although this is our 2nd baby I never felt contractions at home with James...he had already arrived at this point at 36 weeks. I weighed more wtih James at this point but I feel bigger now than with James. Weird.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pregnancy Emotions

The other night nothing else was on so I ended up defaulting to watching MTV's 16 and Pregnant...BIG MISTAKE. It was the episode where the girl and her boyfriend opted to give their baby girl for adoption in order to provide her a life that they knew they couldn't. In my eyes that took a HUGE mature decision and something that shouldn't be taken lightly. They were able to do an open adoption...meaning they would still get pics and contact with the adoptive parents which is awesome. Not many adoptive parents will go for that because of the emotions and scare. I was crying so hard by the time it was over because to think that they made the toughest decision of their life and probably the saddest but that it would be the happiest day for those adoptive parents lives. It is just so heartwrenching to think of giving your baby up...especially being 36 weeks pregnant myself. Feeling this baby growing and moving inside me and then to go home without it would be the end of me personally. I think it took major maturity on their part and they shoudl be commended for doing what is best for them and their child. When I did social work seeing parents that saw that they couldn't give the child the life they deserve and for them to sign their rights over so that child could be adopted was probably the hardest thing to see. They struggled with that decision b/c they didnt want to appear to abandon them yet they knew they couldn't for some reason parent. Sadly parenting ISN'T something that just is natural for everyone...takes learning and patience, often not given to them. It's a sad cycle. Can you tell I miss my job at times :)

We have had so many friends and even family members deal with fertility issues. It's so hard to hear because there are NO words that you can give them...simply pray. These people struggling to make their family or add to their family is so gut wrenching and it seems so unfair b/c there are so many babies born to addicts, given up on doorsteps or simply mistreated yet people we know and love can't get a break and enjoy parenthood. Sometimes life doesn't make sense and it's hard. WHY WHY WHY?!

I know we are blessed to have our (soon to be) 2 boys. I know I am very fortunate to be a SAHM..although some days it might not seem like it. I get to be the one with my children during all their firsts and not worry about daycare workers not giving them the attention and love that i know they deserve. Shawn provides well for us and I am thankful each day for that opportunity to stay home because as the song says "It won't be like this for long". That song still makes me cry because it is so true. Before we know it James and Ethan will be off to college and I'll be going with them....hehe.

I am so thankful for our boys and know that God will take care of our needs and give me the strength when the time comes to be both mom and dad during the next deployment. Until then we'll be a family enjoying the little moments in life with eachother.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

34 1/2 weeks

I had my checkup on Tuesday for Ethan. All is remaining level as it comes to fluids and growth. I was very thankful to hear that he was growing well and levels weren't too low but kinda disappointed b/c I was hoping to have him by next week but guess not happening just b/c I want it to:). I'll hang in there until God says it's time for Ethan to make his grand appearance. The doctor said he isn't small or large but normal size...don't know what that means b/c he couldn't give me a weight. James weighed 6 lbs. 5 oz. so he was small. I am banking on about an 8 lb baby this time for some reason. :). Not sure but it is something I have felt all along. I definitely am much more achy and crabbier this time around. I am so anxious to meet him and to share that special moment as a family of 4 for the first time. James still kisses my belly and seems to be excited about his little brother.

We actuallly had maternity pictures done and I am SO glad we did...I wish I would have with James but I was so worried about weight that I let it control me. Granted in these pics I am not small but it is a special time in our life that we want to remember. The girl who took our pics was great!! She understood that a 2 y/o isn't always cooperative and that made us feel great. He did the best he could and I am so anxious to get them to frame. There are some that are just too precious!! James is so stinking handsome!!

I will go back to the dr. in 2 weeks (July 21) and then will go weekly just b/c my levels were so steady we added extra week in between until I hit 36 weeks. Then I will be seen weekly and I pray I go into labor before 39 weeks but we'll see. Healthy baby is top priority.

Monday, July 6, 2009

1st Dentist Visit

I finally made it around to getting James a dental appointment. I wasn't sure who to take him to so I posted it on facebook and several people said Dr. McGee is great with children so I made an appt with him for today. I think I was more nervous about it that James was. To top it off one of my friends told me that if a child misbehaves that they will use saran wrap to hold their wrists down after asking you to leave the room. Well before I got there I made up my mind that if he was that terrified that I had to leave that James would be going with me!! That freaked me out!! I talked with James and tried to explain what they would do just so he wouldn't go in blind. He kept telling me that his teeth didn't hurt so he didn't need to see the teeth doctor!! So sweet and innocent. So I told him we go so that our teeth won't hurt and that the dr. will just look at his teeth and clean them really good with a special brush.

We get to the dentist and I see his office is so child friendly and specializes in dental pediatics!! YEAH! The office staff and the dentist were GREAT!!!!!!!!! When we entered the room there was a little girl next door screaming her head of fwhich really scared James so he buried his head in my chest and wouldn't talk at first. Once she stopped crying he calmed down and would talk a little bit. James sat in my lap in the chair and let them look at his teeth with the mirror and then they just put fluriode on a gauze pad and clean his teeth that way. No brushes the first visit because they want them to feel comfortable at first. Then after the dentist looked at him he got to pick a new toothbrush and toothpaste. He was so excited he asked me if he could go to daddy's work to tell him how good he was. So I called Shawn and he said he wasn't busy so off to UNA we drove. James showed Shawn his toothbrush and toothpaste then asked for a donut :). (someone brought some last week and he got one so he thinks they are always there). After telling Shawn about his visit I decided i'd take James to Krispy Kreme to choose a donut for being such a big boy at the dentist. He was so excited. He woofed it down in no time :). The only thing was they had Spongebob all over and they kept asking James who it was to distract him......I quietly told them he probably doesnt know b/c we don't watch him :)...I am just NOT a Spongebob fan at all and James is content not watching any of that stuff...we just miss Disney Channel!

When we got home he wanted to use his new toothbrush and toothpaste so I let him :). how can you tell a child "no" for asking to brush his teeth :).

The dentist said his teeth looked great! No cavities and clean as can be!! YEAH!!

Family, Fun, and Fireworks--Happy 4th of July

This Fourth of July was very nice for us because we are finally in the same state as our family and not traveling in a rush to visit. On Friday night James and I made Shawn a special project. James was so excited to use his hands to make the flag and then glue his stars on the blue square :). Before we gave it to Shawn James was telling him about any secret you need held dont tell James :). Shawn made a big ooh and ahh over it which made James smile from ear to ear. Shawn even hung it in the garage which is pretty neat.

On Saturday Shawn and James went to Crossville to visit Shawn's mom's side of the family since he hasn't seen his cousins in while. I opted to stay home because traveling or anything lately just is too tiring on me being 34 weeks pregnant. The drive was about 2 hours and everything is outside and I just am not a fan of the heat. So they arrived and did all the fun stuff there like swimming, eating, fishing, and operating his favorite remote control speed boat. Shawn said James would eat much but when he saw Shawn get some of the banana pudding I sent he climbed up in the chair and ate it all!! James LOVES banana pudding lately and it's so cute. On the way home James went to sleep only for about 30 minutes and then woke up thankfully b/c it was like 6:30 and I worried about bedtime. Shawn and James arrived back home around 8:40 and I hopped in the car and we drove to watch the fireworks. We decided to go to Patton Island Bridge which was perfect b/c we could view them from the walking bridge and they were not loud and scary like last year for James. James liked the fireworks but enjoyed walking the bridge more I think. Then we went home and got him ready for bed. He was so tired. Shawn's not much of a photographer so this is the only picture I have of James in Crossville with the cousins.

On Sunday we ate at mom's with James other cousins, my sister, Shawn's dad and my mom. The weather was not sunny but the kids decided to swim anyway. After a bit of swimming it was time to eat. The kids played for a while and then we went outside and did sparklers and snap n' pops. It is so nice to be with family and just relax and enjoy it. James has a jammed packed weekend of fun and it is nice to see him interact with family. We know our time here is short lived and then we'll be hours away again but it's ok b/c we now know that we can make memories as a family of 4 (soon) :)

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