Friday, July 31, 2009

Day 2, Family of 4

Last night Shawn and I decided to take Ehtan to the nursery so we could get some sleep. Of course I couldn't sleep b/c pitocin was still dripping and it beeped each time it dripped plus my uterus and stitching was aching. I opted for Loritab finally and it helped ease me a bit. Shawn slept for about 6 hours in the wonderfully comfy chairs they provide :). Around 7:30 I went to get Ethan again to feed him. He is latching on ok but I still have no milk so it's hard at times. My mom brought James up around 8:30 this morning and he stayed until about 11:00ish. WE bought him a couple of big brother gifts and told him yesterday that when he came to visit that Ethan had him a surprise. Mom said when James woke up this morning that he told her his tummy was full (although no breakfast had been ate) and he needed to get his surprise from Ethan. :) :)

We got James a big boy bookbag filled with cars, boats, crayons, candy, color books, stickers etc. Then We got him a CARS fire race track for him to play. He did really good while here that long and played. Only on a couple of occasions did he act up..but to be expected. He was SO excited that he got gifts. He said "thank you Ethan"..SO CUTE. He loves to hold him and give him Eskimo kisses!! He is so sweet!!

Ethan is doing great. He is just precious. He has had his urination and bowel movements and all looks great. He'll be circumcised tomorrow before we head home. I've got a little clothes shopping to do b/c I don't have any NB stuff really for him. He is long though so I might can go straight to 0-3 mths. I seriously was expecting an 8 lb baby but b/c ogliohydrosis came into play again he was small.

All and all everything is going well. REady to get home and get a little routine going and get James out and about again.

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  1. PLEASE, use some of our newborn stuff. we have outgrown it by now and I even have a few premie outfits he can wear at 6lbs. I'll bring them by when I get home next week.


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