Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Here Comes Baby (38 weeks)

Today we had our normal weekly visit for 37 1/2 weeks. I took James with me to see the ultrasound and hear the heartbeat because he kept asking. Shawn was meeting us there but they called me for ultrasound before he got there. James did so good sitting there and watching Ethan on the screen. He said there are two Ethans and I was like oh no there isn't but he meant the screen the tech was looking at and the one we saw. He is so funny...he woke up this morning saying his belly hurt and his brother was kicking him...guess he hears me saying it :). Then we went back to the waiting room to be called by the doctor and Shawn came in. James was so excited and proudly announced to everyone that was his daddy and he was a paratrooper soldier :). SO SMART.

Ok back to dr. appt :). My normal dr was out so his partner saw me. When he walked in he asked how I was and I said I am good. Then he said "your ultrasounds aren't". Shawn and I looked at eachother and my heart sank. He said your fluids are at 6 and the baby hasn't grown in the past week. He said there isn nothing to panic about but that he wanted to schedule induction tomorrow at 5 a.m. just to be safe. I was caught of guards because I really thought I'd go up until next Friday. I just pray that he is healthy and we have an easier ans afer delivery than with James. He said he didn't think they woudl have to balloon me but they would give petocin and a pill to help my cervix drop. He said that my cervix is still very high and that I was only dialated 1 cm probably. He tried to break my water but it was very painful and he stopped. Then he made the weirdest comment (he was very nice so don't get me wrong). He said he couldn't get it to break b/c he had "short stubby fingers"...just kinda weird and I got a chuckle. Of course when we got home Shawn said he could break my water :)..hahahaha.

So after the visit I was in panic mode and "last meal" mode. James and I went to the mall and got some curtains. Then we shared Chic-Fil-A (grilled chicken :)) and got a cookie from Great American cookie company. Ok I got a cookie AND a brownie..i made my sister go back and get the brownie for me so I didn't look like a glutton. But it was so good. I couldn't even eat supper tonight. Shawn and I will probably eat on the go tomorrow and that will be my last hoorah since I only ate poorly b/c of pregnancy. Shawn told James to enjoy today b/c mommy would no longer be making good stuff :)...hehehe. TRUE TRUE TRUE

So we are heading to bed soon. Well Shawn is fishing tonight with his dad. My mom is here to stay the night with us just in case. James will spend the day with Shawn's dad tomorrow and might go to the sitter on Friday just to have other kids to play with for a while. I don't know how long they will keep me but i hope to be out Saturday we will see.

It will be kinda nice b/c my friends are here and to have them visit will be a nice change. At Bragg my good friend Beth came to the hospital and it was nice. I really will miss her this time around but this is Army life.

Well tonight marks the end of our family of 3. Excited, scared and nervous all in one :). Praying for a healthy delivery and baby.

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  1. You look amazing in your header picture! You're always commenting on your weight (or the gym or what guilty pleasure you're eating at the moment) on your facebook status' and I just wanted to tell you that you ARE NOT in any way too big/fat/etc and you look amazing! I think you worry about how you look too much b/c I've never in my life seen you even remotely chubby... you're all skin and bone (and baby)! I'm thinking of you this morning as you're hopefully in labor by now! (it's 7:30am)... Can't wait for the next blog update!



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