Wednesday, May 20, 2009

27 1/2 Weeks

Whew today was a bit of a scare. I ended up calling my dr. here to see if I could get in to make sure Baby EThan was ok. After the last ultrasound in GA and the concern with ambilical cord I am so on edge. Not to mention the low amnio fluids I had with James. I hadn't felt him move much in almost in 24 hours but also know that the placenta's location can block me from feeling him move. Just to err on side of caution I went in and the dr. and her nurse were so wonderful. They didn't make you feel like a burden or like I was overreacting at all. In fact the nurse told me if I ever had concerns to call her and she rarely leaves office for lunch and she'd do a heartbeat check for me to ensure all is ok. That made me feel better. On post just getting in for scheduled appts was hard enough much less if you had a concern or emergency. Kinda like the civilian life here :). The Dr. did an ultrasound and heartbeat and all was great. Very strong and he was moving around and I just didn't feel it b/c like I said before the placenta is anterior making it harder to feel the moves. It is so different b/c with James at this point I could see him moving in my tummy but it is different this time around. Each pregnancy is definitely different. We are just so thankful all is biggest fear is having a baby that is born unhealthy or with disability. I know God will take care of us and provide us with our baby boy healthy. Our next appt is June 10, I'll be 31 weeks and will get another ultrasound and then I'll be seen every 2 weeks to measure amnio fluids until I deliver. They don't induce here unless medically necessary. I would love to go by end of July if baby is strong enough to make his appearance but we'll see. Please keep us in your prayers!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Potty Training

WE have been working on potty training ever since we got back from Disney World at the end of January. We really didn't push it but just would ask if he had to go and often he would hold it until we asked. Of course there were accidents along the way but he has done SO good. He has progressed from sitting on his froggy potty to standing up on the big potty...yes he has pulled his pants down outside and peed on the grass. I try to encourage him not to do that unless we are at our house with mommy or daddy. I guess when he has to go he has to go but he has gotten better about coming inside when playing to go potty. He has always been good about not pooping his in pullup so he has been doing that for a while which I thought was odd b/c I've heard kids have a harder time with that one. We were really proud and knew he was making great strides when he told the gym daycare worker that he had to go potty!! I was so excited!! I think we might do the big boy undies soon just to see how he does. He won't even pee pee in his shorts when he is playing in the sprinklers or pool. He will whine and say "I don't want to pee pee in my pants" So proud of our lil boy. He is now 2 1/2 and the center of our world. We know that regressions might come after Ethan is born but we are going to continue praise and positive reinforcement.

We had our 26 week appt today for baby Ethan. It was my first time meeting the dr. here in AL. All went great and she is so nice. All checked out great and fluid levels are still where they need to be. We will do another ultrasound on June 10 just to ensure because that is about the time that James started going down was around 32 weeks. We just want a healthy baby boy and we will be the happiest parents in the world!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

"Nana Pudding"

Today James and I decided to make Banana Pudding or as he calls it "Nana Pudding". Gran and PaPaw took him to Dreamlands in Huntsville and ever since he had that taste of it he is hooked!! He asks for it all the time. I figured it is healthy (b/c we use sugar free) so why not! So I prepped everything and then let him put the bananas, cookies and coolwhip on. He was so proud of himself. I'll admit that the cool whip had me scared b/c he couldn't get it off his spoon so he was slinging it up and down but we came to compromise to shake gently. He did a great job and we'll enjoy it after dinner tonight. I am trying to involve him more in the kitchen and around the house so he feels helpful and like he did something. We are so ready for rain to be gone so we can enjoy the pools and sun before Ethan comes. Pushing James in his stroller is killing me lately! WHEW....big girl can't move. :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bye Bart, Misty and Major :(

Tonight we had some friends from GA stop by on their way to their next duty station in Ft. Lewis, WA. It was so nice to see them before they left because we know it will be a while before we see eachother again. I was even sadder than I thought I'd be. They are an awesome couple we met while there and James loves them so much. I think Shawn is very sad too because he and Bart got along so well and enjoyed the passion of fishing that only a true fisherman could enjoy. They were even out fishing in it this morning amist the storms :). We know this isn't goodbye forever but just temporary. Army life allows us to meet many great people along our journey known as 'army life'. After Ethan is born we will make a trip up there. I want to travel more while Shawn is home and allow James to experience new places.

James and Major played together and James was so worn out! YEAH! So until next time Brimhall's! Good Luck in Washington!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy 30th Shawn!

Today was Shawn's 30th birthday. We celebrated at Casa Mexicana in Florence. I wanted more people to attend but because of the move I didn't want to plan anything because we weren't sure where we'd be in the moving process. Last night I decided to do a little party for him. I ordered him a small cookie cake for himself (and James of course). Shawn went fishing this morning before my dr. appt so James and I snuck to the mall to get it. As soon as Shawn gets home James runs out and yells "we got you a cake daddy". Needless to say anything you want kept secret don't let James know :). Then that night we went to Casa with friends and family which was nice. I was extra glad Shawn's long time buddy, Zac, was able to join us. It was very short notice but he was able to come so that was great!
The waiters sang Happy Birthday and made him wear sombrero which is what I wanted!!! It was so funny. James enjoyed the cake and made his rounds to each person with cake once his was done. I think overall it was a nice night and I still can't believe this is his 8th birthday we've spent together. Many more to come!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Big One That Didn't Get Away

Today Shawn took James fishing while I unpacked a bit. I got a message on my phone that said James caught his first fish on his CARS fishing pole. He said it was about 5 lbs. So I finished what I was doing and then headed with sandwiches in hand for my boys. James was so excited to show me his big fish. As Shawn pulled it out of the live well I was shocked that he caught that HUGE fish on his lil' rod. The FLW weigh in station was at McFarland and Shawn asked if we could weigh James fish. They were very nice and said sure! Well it weighed in at 5.25 lbs!! The guys there were so impressed that he caught this on his lil fishing rod and that he was only 2 1/2. I wanted a pic of James up on stage getting it weighed but of course he was being nosey and talking to people. I swear that kid being so friendly kills me ;). We are thinking of having it mounted as his first official catch! Shawn was so funny b/c he said he has never been so excited as he was when James caught it. Shawn said James told him "i'm hung daddy" so Shawn went over and it was just too heavy for him to reel in by himself. Shawn was a proud daddy and said it was a day he'll never forget. :). Jame keeps saying he caught a "Big Small Fish" which means "Big Small Mouth Bass Fish". He's so smart at technical names of things :).

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