Saturday, May 9, 2009

"Nana Pudding"

Today James and I decided to make Banana Pudding or as he calls it "Nana Pudding". Gran and PaPaw took him to Dreamlands in Huntsville and ever since he had that taste of it he is hooked!! He asks for it all the time. I figured it is healthy (b/c we use sugar free) so why not! So I prepped everything and then let him put the bananas, cookies and coolwhip on. He was so proud of himself. I'll admit that the cool whip had me scared b/c he couldn't get it off his spoon so he was slinging it up and down but we came to compromise to shake gently. He did a great job and we'll enjoy it after dinner tonight. I am trying to involve him more in the kitchen and around the house so he feels helpful and like he did something. We are so ready for rain to be gone so we can enjoy the pools and sun before Ethan comes. Pushing James in his stroller is killing me lately! WHEW....big girl can't move. :)

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