Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Big One That Didn't Get Away

Today Shawn took James fishing while I unpacked a bit. I got a message on my phone that said James caught his first fish on his CARS fishing pole. He said it was about 5 lbs. So I finished what I was doing and then headed with sandwiches in hand for my boys. James was so excited to show me his big fish. As Shawn pulled it out of the live well I was shocked that he caught that HUGE fish on his lil' rod. The FLW weigh in station was at McFarland and Shawn asked if we could weigh James fish. They were very nice and said sure! Well it weighed in at 5.25 lbs!! The guys there were so impressed that he caught this on his lil fishing rod and that he was only 2 1/2. I wanted a pic of James up on stage getting it weighed but of course he was being nosey and talking to people. I swear that kid being so friendly kills me ;). We are thinking of having it mounted as his first official catch! Shawn was so funny b/c he said he has never been so excited as he was when James caught it. Shawn said James told him "i'm hung daddy" so Shawn went over and it was just too heavy for him to reel in by himself. Shawn was a proud daddy and said it was a day he'll never forget. :). Jame keeps saying he caught a "Big Small Fish" which means "Big Small Mouth Bass Fish". He's so smart at technical names of things :).

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