Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bye Bart, Misty and Major :(

Tonight we had some friends from GA stop by on their way to their next duty station in Ft. Lewis, WA. It was so nice to see them before they left because we know it will be a while before we see eachother again. I was even sadder than I thought I'd be. They are an awesome couple we met while there and James loves them so much. I think Shawn is very sad too because he and Bart got along so well and enjoyed the passion of fishing that only a true fisherman could enjoy. They were even out fishing in it this morning amist the storms :). We know this isn't goodbye forever but just temporary. Army life allows us to meet many great people along our journey known as 'army life'. After Ethan is born we will make a trip up there. I want to travel more while Shawn is home and allow James to experience new places.

James and Major played together and James was so worn out! YEAH! So until next time Brimhall's! Good Luck in Washington!

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