Wednesday, May 20, 2009

27 1/2 Weeks

Whew today was a bit of a scare. I ended up calling my dr. here to see if I could get in to make sure Baby EThan was ok. After the last ultrasound in GA and the concern with ambilical cord I am so on edge. Not to mention the low amnio fluids I had with James. I hadn't felt him move much in almost in 24 hours but also know that the placenta's location can block me from feeling him move. Just to err on side of caution I went in and the dr. and her nurse were so wonderful. They didn't make you feel like a burden or like I was overreacting at all. In fact the nurse told me if I ever had concerns to call her and she rarely leaves office for lunch and she'd do a heartbeat check for me to ensure all is ok. That made me feel better. On post just getting in for scheduled appts was hard enough much less if you had a concern or emergency. Kinda like the civilian life here :). The Dr. did an ultrasound and heartbeat and all was great. Very strong and he was moving around and I just didn't feel it b/c like I said before the placenta is anterior making it harder to feel the moves. It is so different b/c with James at this point I could see him moving in my tummy but it is different this time around. Each pregnancy is definitely different. We are just so thankful all is biggest fear is having a baby that is born unhealthy or with disability. I know God will take care of us and provide us with our baby boy healthy. Our next appt is June 10, I'll be 31 weeks and will get another ultrasound and then I'll be seen every 2 weeks to measure amnio fluids until I deliver. They don't induce here unless medically necessary. I would love to go by end of July if baby is strong enough to make his appearance but we'll see. Please keep us in your prayers!

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