Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We have entered the "why" zone

I am very bad about blogging...my blogs tend to combined many events so bare with me..sorry. Just not a lot of free time or brain power lately :)

Well that time has come where James asks the question "why?" a hundred times a day. And I find myself saying the dreaded phrase "because I'm the mommy that's why"!! Oh I said I'd never say that but I do!! It really only irritates me when i have asked him to do something and he questions me! I don't mind explaining other things to him but for some reason that gets under my skin :). James is a very smart boy and is very bright for his age. The director of his MMO program was so impressed at how articulate he is and very vocal.

He began the summer program at a local Mother's Morning Out on June 2. I kind of regret sending him now but the lil break is nice. Plus he enjoys playing and learning with kids his age. We haven't been successful in finding a local church yet so I'm kinda having a hard time meeting people. Living near my mom we go to the pool often and there is also a great splash pad at the Marriott Hotel that is free. Good cool relief for him. I prefer the pool b/c I can actually get in and not feel like a cow around others. The only thing I regret a little is that I feel I always have to entertain him by doing something and he is very spoiled b/c of it. Sitting home is not an option lately and he thinks we always have to go somewhere. So I'm trying to limit going places so he understands it is a reward to go somewhere and not a given. Plus when Ethan arrives James little world is gonna be rocked. Going places will be a little more difficult at first b/c of breastfeeding, naps, etc.

Here are some pics from the splash pad today. Oh the Sonic drink is almost a daily thing..mainly for my sake b/c I LOVE THEM!!

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