Thursday, June 11, 2009

30 1/2 weeks

Today was my routine checkup at the doctor. They did another ultrasound to check fluid levels and make sure all was up and up. Everything looked GREAT! Fluid levels, growth, size, etc was excellent she said. I am relieved in one way but in another was hoping for an early induction...of course after 36 weeks but the sooner the better after that is what I wanted. It is just getting a bit miserable with this weight. I was surprised I do not weigh more than I did b/c I feel about 10 lbs heavier!! :). The only downfall is they said that Ethan is breech right now which scares me a bit. But the dr. also said he has plenty of time to flip and position himself correctly. I have to admit that C-section scares me for so many reasons...the recouperation time, the pain, and the fear of never losing the weight or the pooch. yes I know that sounds vain but that is how I feel. Of course I want him to be healthy and to have a safe delivery either way. I just really pray he turns around before too long. I told the dr. that I felt his head was already sometimes hitting and she said...well it's not his his foot is causing the sudden urge to potty and the hardness in my abdomen :)

James seems to be taking it all still very well. He will often kiss my belly or press his mouth up to it and talk to him. It cracks me up!! He says he will share with him and love him very much!! So innocent and sweet.

i honestly worry about life with 2..I always said James was my only. I love that lil guy so much that I wonder how he do when not all of my attention is on him all the time. I know that God will help me juggle 2 lil angels. I know that later on they will be best buds and it will be worth it. I still want my lil' girl but we are done. We are going to make sure of it this time :)...Shawn is going to get snippity snipped :). If we choose to we will adopt later on...I have always wanted to be a foster parent or adoptive parent. Of course it will not happen anytime soon or might not at all...just something we talked about at one time. Plenty of sweet kids with no homes due to no fault of their own.

I go back to dr. in 2 weeks so we'll see what Ethan has decided to do. :) Please just pray that he flips and that labor is as easy as possible when the time comes.

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