Sunday, June 28, 2009

Swimming at Gran and PawPaw's

Yesterday we went to Shawn's mom's house for the day. Luckily she has a pool too so James is getting very spoiled while we are here :). This summer James has not wanted to go under or get his head wet much. That all changed once he got used to the slide and jumping off the diving board without any assistance. He was so proud of himself and we were proud of him too. It's amazing how a little encouragment will spark that little fire of courage. James enjoyed swimming with his cousins and of course riding Paw Paw's tractor. It was SO hot that I started feeling it as the day went on. Pregnancy and heat is a terrible combination!

He wasn't too big on eating but these days it is so hot I don't blame him. I just can't believe how much he has grown and turned into such a big boy. He is my lil' pride and joy for sure!!!!! He was so worn out that when I took him in for just rest time and drink he zonked out. He would have stayed asleep but I had to potty and he was laying on me so when I moved he woke up. I love those little moments of snuggle time. :) On the drive home his eyes were so red from the chlorine and jumping but he had a blast. Of course Shawn is a bit more stern on him than I am when it comes to doing things but in the end it is normally for the best because I do caudle James a lot but he is my world and I don't think I do it to the point that he is a momma's boy....just so he knows I will keep him safe :). Of course I get flack for being the over concerned mom but when you are a SAHM with little help for the first 15 months of your child's life...that is kind of what you mold into. I don't regret any decisions as a parent.

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