Wednesday, June 24, 2009

32 1/2 weeks

Today was another checkup for me and Baby Ethan. I really like the doctors here because they take my concerns seriously and I don't have to wait for a call back like I did when we lived in NC. Shawn decided to go with me since work was slow and we were meeting the actual dr. today, Dr. Allen. He was really nice and listened to my concerns regarding low amniotic fluids. This is exactly the same time that James levels began to decline and by 36 weeks I was induced. Dr. Allen wasn't going to do an ultrasound but said to ease me he would do one today. So we went back and we got to see our lil' man. He is growing well and is on target for weeks gestation. However as I feared my fluid levels dropped from 13.1 to 9.2 in just 2 weeks span. He said not to worry because it is all subjective but the same ultrasound tech has done it every time so I feel confident it is accurate. Normal levels range from 5-20 so as long as I can stay above 5 for the next 4 weeks I will feel much better. Ethan needs at least 36 weeks gestation!! Of course I am a little panicky because birth defects can occur with low fluid levels. Just trying to hydrate and stay as calm as possible. Nothing can be done to increase fluids really...just something that happens. I read only 8% of women are diagnosed with this ogliohydrosis (SP)...oh lucky me :). So they are doing another ultrasound Tuesday at 11:00 to see how they are doing.

Ethan is still breech too but dr. says he has plenty of time to flip and get into position. Dr. Allen also mentioned he could go in and turn him but tha tis something we will have to weigh b/c it can put baby in distress or can even cause kink in ambilical cord causing worse things which ultimately would still result in Csection which is what we would be avoiding initially.

Just hoping for positive thoughts and prayers for a HEALTHY baby boy.

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