Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy 30th Shawn!

Today was Shawn's 30th birthday. We celebrated at Casa Mexicana in Florence. I wanted more people to attend but because of the move I didn't want to plan anything because we weren't sure where we'd be in the moving process. Last night I decided to do a little party for him. I ordered him a small cookie cake for himself (and James of course). Shawn went fishing this morning before my dr. appt so James and I snuck to the mall to get it. As soon as Shawn gets home James runs out and yells "we got you a cake daddy". Needless to say anything you want kept secret don't let James know :). Then that night we went to Casa with friends and family which was nice. I was extra glad Shawn's long time buddy, Zac, was able to join us. It was very short notice but he was able to come so that was great!
The waiters sang Happy Birthday and made him wear sombrero which is what I wanted!!! It was so funny. James enjoyed the cake and made his rounds to each person with cake once his was done. I think overall it was a nice night and I still can't believe this is his 8th birthday we've spent together. Many more to come!

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