Monday, July 6, 2009

1st Dentist Visit

I finally made it around to getting James a dental appointment. I wasn't sure who to take him to so I posted it on facebook and several people said Dr. McGee is great with children so I made an appt with him for today. I think I was more nervous about it that James was. To top it off one of my friends told me that if a child misbehaves that they will use saran wrap to hold their wrists down after asking you to leave the room. Well before I got there I made up my mind that if he was that terrified that I had to leave that James would be going with me!! That freaked me out!! I talked with James and tried to explain what they would do just so he wouldn't go in blind. He kept telling me that his teeth didn't hurt so he didn't need to see the teeth doctor!! So sweet and innocent. So I told him we go so that our teeth won't hurt and that the dr. will just look at his teeth and clean them really good with a special brush.

We get to the dentist and I see his office is so child friendly and specializes in dental pediatics!! YEAH! The office staff and the dentist were GREAT!!!!!!!!! When we entered the room there was a little girl next door screaming her head of fwhich really scared James so he buried his head in my chest and wouldn't talk at first. Once she stopped crying he calmed down and would talk a little bit. James sat in my lap in the chair and let them look at his teeth with the mirror and then they just put fluriode on a gauze pad and clean his teeth that way. No brushes the first visit because they want them to feel comfortable at first. Then after the dentist looked at him he got to pick a new toothbrush and toothpaste. He was so excited he asked me if he could go to daddy's work to tell him how good he was. So I called Shawn and he said he wasn't busy so off to UNA we drove. James showed Shawn his toothbrush and toothpaste then asked for a donut :). (someone brought some last week and he got one so he thinks they are always there). After telling Shawn about his visit I decided i'd take James to Krispy Kreme to choose a donut for being such a big boy at the dentist. He was so excited. He woofed it down in no time :). The only thing was they had Spongebob all over and they kept asking James who it was to distract him......I quietly told them he probably doesnt know b/c we don't watch him :)...I am just NOT a Spongebob fan at all and James is content not watching any of that stuff...we just miss Disney Channel!

When we got home he wanted to use his new toothbrush and toothpaste so I let him :). how can you tell a child "no" for asking to brush his teeth :).

The dentist said his teeth looked great! No cavities and clean as can be!! YEAH!!

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