Monday, March 23, 2009

It's a BOY!!

We found out today we will be having another little boy this Summer. We couldn't wait the 3 more weeks and just had to know. So on our 7th anniversary we found out that we will be having another boy!! We were thrilled to see that the heartbeat was healthy, spinal cord intact, and a very active baby. He was all over the place. We are very blessed with another baby boy...Guess God has a reason for no girls for me :(. I have to admit both of us were filled with mixed emotions. We were wondering how you could be so happy yet slightly disappointed at the same time. We both so badly wanted a girl. Shawn said he is sad too b/c he will never get to walk his daughter down the aisle. I have been emotional since we got home...happy, sad...gotta sell the pink I bought. Although I knew deep down it was a boy, part of me was holding on to maybe I was wrong. Hormones are AWFUL! James will be a good big brother so we know that much. God has blessed us with 2 healthy boys so far so we wouldn't ask for more. For those that are thinking well you could try once more...NOPE!! Not an option. We said either way that this was it for us. Even with a 3rd no guarantee of a girl and 2 is enough for me....those of you who know me probably know that 1 was good for me :). Done at One was always my phrase so Through at Two is my new one and FINAL one :). Well off to go thru James clothes and sort what can be reused.

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