Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat

I was a bit worried b/c before we went Trick or Treating James was VERY defiant...both Shawn and I tried everything but he was so stubborn!! Finally once we got him dressed he was fine...maybe he was just excited and showed it through being ugly?!
But once we got past that and got out the door he was SO much fun!!! We took along his wagon (thanks gran) which was very nice b/c he was so taken in by all the people and costumes he was moving so slow. He gladly would ride until he saw a house and then he was ready to attack. He was so sweet and would say "trick or Treat and Thank you". Everyone said he had the most unique costume they had seen. He was quite different and we didn't come across any other sharks! After hitting about 20-25 house we went back to our house to hand out candy. Our neighborhood was SLAMMED with kids because it is a large neighborhood that is safe. We finally went to our house and let James hand out the candy and seems to enjoy that more than receiving his candy. There were golf carts carrying kids trick or treating as well a a hayride pulled up too.James loved it all and loved giving candy to everyone. This neighborhood is very family friendly. We enjoy it and can't wait to see how they deck out for Christmas! Trick or Treat 2008 was GREAT b/c my son, my husband and myself were together!! I am so blessed to have these two great men in my life! We missed Shawn a lot last year but enjoying him here this year!!

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