Monday, October 20, 2008

School's In :)

Shawn has been in Capt. Career Course for about a week now. Definitely some adjusting for both of us. Although his day ends at around 3:30 he has to be at PT for 5:30 (an hour earlier than before) so he is up at 4:30 a.m. each day. Right now he is so tired from the adjustment it is hard on both of us. I hate asking for his help when he is so tired and I am "just staying home". I miss having him around each day to help with James or just be involved with us. But it ismuch better than Afghanistan :). He comes home for lunch pretty often and we are getting in from the gym so we see him for a few minutes before naptime. James wakes up and says "Daddy working" and I tell him yes but that he will be home after nap. He seems ok with it so that is good.

We also got exciting news that Shawn will be up for his first look at MAJOR in Summer 2009 and we are so excited. Doesn't mean he will be promoted then but hopes are high b/c his OER's are very good and say Promotable!!YEAH!!

James is a sweet boy but definitely testing us when it comes to listening lately...I am so easily fooled and HATE spanking him but he knows it and plays on it. Shawn says it once and that is it! We are getting excited about the Holidays and being a away from our families is hard. James will be having his Thomas the Train theme party in November. We are traveling home to AL so that will be nice.

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