Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ready, Set, GLOW!

Last night we had our first family pumpkin carving!! James and I did Winnie the Pooh last year while Shawn was in Afghanistan. This year Shawn did Lightening McQueen from CARS...James LOVED it and it turned out so good. Of course we did the traditional pumpkin too and James kept telling Shawn to stay on the edges of the outline :). James wasn't too sure of the inside of the pumpkin and told us that it "scared him" and "no I not touching" at first. Then he warmed up to it and enjoyed jabbing the pumpkin with our tools!! It was nice to do the simple things as a family and I think often it is taken for granted.

James should be a hoot to take trick or treating this year!! He is going to be a shark!! SO cute. To be continued.....

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