Monday, August 11, 2008

Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye to our friends in NC was so hard. This is where I really had to grow up and begin my career as a social worker and mother. I met some GREAT friends that I will miss dearly but will keep in touch with for sure. James and his buddy Colson were so cute together. Colson is a hugger and kept hugging James...just makes you wonder if they sense that they are not going to see eachother for a while. I loved our house in Hope Mills and was so sad to see it empty. It was a house we made a home as a family but as Army life has it we will have many homes.

James missed his last day of MMO b/c he was sick. I went to drop him off and he cried and screamed, something he NEVER does. So after sitting with him and him clinging to me I decided to take him with me. Something again I never do but something said he wasn't feeling right. So long story short, he had a SEVERE ear infection. The dr. came in and he told her "ear hurt" she was so impressed he could tell her. But now he says everything hurts from his eye to his foot!! Silly kiddo!!

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