Sunday, August 17, 2008

Riverbanks Zoo

This past weekend we went to Columbia, SC for a FLW (fishing event). It was a free hotel at the Hilton so James and I joined Shawn so we could also go to the zoo there. I was very excited since I have never been to a zoo and to go as a family was nice. James enjoyed it but loved the fish exhibit at the zoo the most. James and daddy rode the train there as well as the merry go round. The FLW event was nice too...just kind of boring for me. James got to jump in the bounce house, watch fish and look at all the boats...he is his father's son for sure!!! He also got some candy which he loved. At the hotel James was very brave and jumped into the deep without any help (he had floaties on of course). Overall it was a nice family trip but we are all glad to be home in GA and finish getting our house set up.

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