Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yeah Mommy!

Too funny not to share. Before moving to GA we bought a potty seat for James...granted we aren't pushing potty training yet we just wanted him to feel comfortable. So he would just sit on there and refuse to get down. So we praised him by saying "Yeah James, pee pee or poopie on the potty" because he would grunt like he was trying. Well the other day at Target I had to potty so I took James in the stall with me. He of course stand there looking at me and says "Yeah mommy poopie on the potty, ewww stinks". I hadn't even gone #2 but was a bit embarassed b/c there were others in there. Yes leave it to my son to say it. He is so funny!!!


  1. Too funny. I'm sure there will be many more embarrassing moments to come though. I've definately had my fair share of them. Ask your brother about embarrasing me in wal-mart when he was about Luke's age! Yes, I have lots to pay him back for! lol

  2. oops......ask your brother! lol


    gotta love the toddler talk


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