Monday, August 11, 2008

Georgia Bound

Today we went to Clarks Hill Lake. It was SO pretty. I am not a lake swimmer but this was so clear I jumped in and James followed!! He loves swimming with just his swimmies and kept saying "I swimmin mommy" SO CUTE!! Then as we were leaving he was impressed by the number of boats there and kept saying "boats everywhere, cars everywhere" along with "cars fast". He speaks very well and talks constantly.

We are slowly settling into our new home in GA. SO many boxes. But we are getting there. James has a CARS room and wakes up each morning saying "cars". This weekend we are meeting Shawn at the Columbia zoo so we are excited.

Shawn loves it here because he is so close to fishing he can whenever opposed to living in NC. THe shopping is good here and I haven't even been to mall yet.

James begins MMO next week and that is nice. Downfall is that it is so far away, but I am use to everything being so close in Hope Mills that I got spoiled. I hope he does well at this one.

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