Monday, September 29, 2008

Visit to Alabama

Before heading to my 10 year reunion we visited first Gran and PawPaw (Shawns mom and husband) in Huntsville. James had a great time riding the "trucks and tractors" and fishing with his dad. James is definitely well loved and knows he can get away with anything :). He enjoys playing with his cousins...although it can get loud and a bit crazy trying to keep on track. Somehow Shawn always ended up in the peaceful "man cave" during those times. Aunt Susan and Chresta came to visit as well as the newest addition, Braxton Tucker. He was SO little it was hard to think James was that small. James did pretty good sitting through a 2 hour Church service and was so funny b/c when the preacher said "Amen" during the sermon there was our little man to shout it back at him!! I am just thankful for nursery b/c I would be a wreck!! But he did very well. Despite the differences we may have it makes it go better b/c I see the joy it brings to James to be there for that time.

After visiting there it was off to my mom's house. Of course James ate Chinese with Andrea and Brent (aka B) twice!! He loved Blackie and Oscar (Oggers). He went on his first fishing trip with Shawn and his dad while I went to the ballgame with friends. Shawn said he did great and help reel in fish and throw them back. I still can't believe he will be 2 in November.

Although going home to AL is fun and nice, it is wearing too. James rarely is in bed at his normal time which makes coming home hard and getting back on schedule. But we do it. We won't be home again until November so we have a little break :).

Bottom line is we love our families (despite differences) and we love James interacting with them. He is one loved child and it shows!

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