Thursday, July 1, 2010

Magic Drops

Ethan is officially 11 months now. On Monday I took him back to the doctor and the prognosis was just as I thought...double ear infection AGAIN!! URGH! So another round of antibiotics here we go. I decided to ask for numbing drops for his ears because he is so restless at night none of us sleep. HALLELUJAH they worked!! The first night he slept thru the night (waking once is sleeping thru the night for me) which was SO nice. Then in the car he didn't scream and enjoys looking out the window and at James. Then we tried the pool..SURPRISE SURPRISE he didn't scream while in his floatie for an entire hour!!! Who has taken Ethan and where is he?! Seriously 11 months later I can FINALLY say he is a happy baby with a sweet personality...He is so playful and loves to climb over pillows and James Cars couch. He is still very clingy to mommy but I know that soon will end and I'll be wishing it was back. He is standing for several minutes at a time so walking is very close. Ethan is eating so much more lately. He loves canned fruits and peas. he could make a meal out of them on their own!! He also loves the gerber meat sticks that smell like dog food to me but hey he likes them! I think he is making up for lost time from when he wouldn't eat before for whatever reason. He loves to play pattycake and peekaboo which is so funny. He also likes to clap his hands as if saying "Yeah" while eating and after taking his meds. He is so funny. I just hope this fluke is the real Ethan who has been waiting to emerge from the crabby baby he has shown to be the past 10 months. This Ethan I can work with!

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