Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ethan's First Year...

I remember going to the doctor on July29th and being told that I would be induced the next day because my amniotic fluids were low (same issue as with James-ogliohydrosis). Fourteen hours later our little baby boy arrived. To say that Ethan has not been the easiest child is an understatement. He had colic and reflux which makes for one unhappy baby not to mention the chronic ear infections for about the first 10-11 months of life on top of routine teething. I honestly lived day by day wondering when the crying would stop...I worried I wasn't bonding with him the way I should because it seemed that he only cried and wanted to be held. I was beyond exhausted and got so tired of people making me feel worse by saying that he was fine for them or that he isn't that bad. I felt as if I was doing something wrong. I prayed things get easier so I can enjoy our last baby and not rush him to grow up too soon. Luckily I had a friend with the same feelings which helped me feel at ease some.  I felt I was doing an injustice to James as well because I was just so drained to do anything even when Ethan was sleeping (which was not often). I didn't want James to resent me because I couldn't give him the attention I did before he was born.  I didn't believe that Ethan was spoiled so I disregarded when people said that..I knew something was causing him discomfort. We waited it out and finally by 11 months he was a different baby. Then when he got his tubes he has been such a happy baby overall and sleeps FINALLY sometimes through the night. All I can say is I am SO glad that Shawn was home this go around and that we were near family.

Now here, a year later, and I feel so blessed to be the mom of two healthy beautiful boys. I know that things could've been worse for us and I am just so thankful they are both thriving, active boys. Ethan has such a loving and sweet personality. He is still a mommy's boy but I know that will all end one day soon so I am going to cherish it. He isnt' quite walking yet but is taking several wobbly steps and even walked across the living room last night. he waves bye bye and can say Hi. He has discovered his voice and lets out what sound like chirps. It's kinda funny b/c in the car James will tell him to be quiet and Ethan will just "chirp" at him louder! Ethan understands a lot. He has found a new love...FOOD. That boy can eat his weight and then some in food! I guess he is making up for lost time. Also he enjoys the water a little more since his ears aren't hurting all the time. He is a beautiful baby boy with piercing blue eyes and a sweet personality. I am so thankful that God chose me to be his mommy. Happy 1st Birthday Ethan Charles Dalrymple!

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