Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fun to Be One!!

We celebrated Ethan's first birthday last night. We had it at Monkeying Around in Florence (inflatable jump area) which we normally don't do for 1st birthdays but because the number of cousins, mosquitos in our backyard, the heat and Ethan not walking yet this was the only place. The theme was Mod Monkey and I loved it. I am a bit obsessed with monkeys with him for some reason!! Clothing, bedroom, shoes, bags..anything with monkey I buy for him. Our friend, Elizabeth, made his cute monkey romper for his special day and I loved it!!! It was perfect for this day.

Anyway...the entire family was there for this one and it was so fun. Shawn missed James first birthday b/c he was in Afghanistan so this was extra special to have him here. The kids bounced and ran and got some much needed energy before it was time to celebrate his first year. Ethan got his first taste of pizza and loved it. When it was time for Ethan to eat his cake he wasn't too sure about it. He poked it at first but when he got a taste of that frosting it was all over at that point. He devoured it like a champ....much like his brother did when he was that age. He also was a little upset when it was all gone :). Then came present time (which was a bit chaotic b/c we were running out of time). He got some awesome presents and money for his bank account. Being the 2nd boy he has so much already handed down.
We were so thankful that the entire family was there to celebrat this last of the first birthdays with us. :( And for the we aren't having more :).

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