Thursday, June 17, 2010

Two Thumbs up for Tubing!

Today we took James tubing for the first time today. Our first run was not a good one because I didn't lean back enough and we tipped forward and went spilling into the water. Thank goodness for life jackets! James bobbed back up and was terrified. So that was round one. The second round I went alone and showed James that we wouldn't tip anymore. I enjoyed it so much except my bottom hitting off the water :)...even with padding it hurts :). Finally we convinced James to trust us to ride again. So I leaned WAY back and off we went. James LOVED it. He insisted on wearing his swim mask to block the water out :). I kept asking him if he wanted to stop and he looked at me and said "when I want to stop I'll tell YOU"! He cracks me up!! We rode for a while and then decided to let Daddy take a turn. he told me to keep it at about 20 mph but it felt like we were barely moving so I vamped it up to 35 mph...finally I got the signal to slow down so I did. Then James was feeling brave and said he wanted to ride alone so we let him and went super slow. He didn't last but maybe 5 min and was ready to come back to the boat. But he gave it a try which was awesome. James wasn't too keen on swimming in the river at first but of course as it was time to leave he wanted to swim. We told him we'd come back another day to swim because we had to get Ethan at MMO today. Those few hours of just focusing on James while Ethan is at MMO is very  nice. I know he appreciates it as well.By the end of our time on the river, we got TWO thumbs up!!

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