Monday, February 21, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

First off let me say that I think Valentine's Day is a highly overrated holiday. However it is nice to take that day to really go out of your way for those that you love because let's face it, we all get consumed in everyday tasks and KIDS :). I am determined to make any Holiday fun and hopefully it is the little traditions that they will remember and cherish.

I started the morning off by making heart shape strawberry cheesecake muffins and bacon. Of course Ethan and I were the first to get out of bed which made for making anything difficult. Between stirring, spraying and pouring I was pulling my monkey off tables, stools, chairs, etc. James slept late today which is odd but as soon as he woke up he kissed me and told me I was his Valentine. I love that kid...last night he held his hands up in the shape of  a heart and told me "Mommy, you are my Valentine". Seriously this kid is a smooth operator!! Once I got breakfast on the table (on none other than heart shape plates) I let the little boys open their gifts. Of course Shawn got his favorite candy and a card (Shawn's "real" gift isn't suitable to share; :). Nothing big but just little fun stuff and CANDY that my boys love. Shawn made the day great by telling me to go run because he knows I enjoy that few minutes to myself. The weather was gorgeous so I took him up on it for sure!! Then he surprised me with yellow roses and a card which was so sweet. Then all my Valentines went to Zaxby's for a delicious salad.

To top the night off my best friend, Courtney, and her family joined us for making heart shaped pizzas. Each child got to make their own and then we quickly baked them. It was so fun and the kids enjoyed playing together. It is the little times like this that I really enjoy being home. To make memories with my best friend and her family is priceless. Although I don't mind military life, those that never have to leave their friends just don't understand how precious this time is for me. I couldn't have asked for a more pefect day!!!

I love my husband so much and am so proud of him. He is an excellent provider in every aspect. It's hard to believe we have been together almost 10 years! I love my little boys so much and am so blessed that God chose Shawn and I to be their parents. They both have very different personalities but that makes them unique. Ethan is my wild, "tiny destroyer" while James is my sweet boy who knows just what to say and when to say it :). I love all of my boys beyond measure!!

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