Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ethan-18 months

Ethan is 18 months, going on 19 months this month. He is FINALLY a sweet,loving, cute baby who sleeps thru the night. I swear I thought we would never get to this point based on the first 12 months of his life. He was so fussy, clingy and just was determined to love his mommy to DEATH :). I knew he would quickly outgrow this but I just wasn't sure when. We would joke and say he was a terrorist in training with the whole sleep deprivity and crying :). He still loves to be held but is also becoming quite independent. He enjoys playing with choo-choo's (Thomas the Train), cars and balls of any type. Yup he is definitely all boy! He is happy most of the time but has a little attitude on him. I can remember James going thru this around this age though. Ethan will get mad and hit a wall or chair which results in him getting time out or a pop on the leg. He gladly sits in time out which is odd. He is still quite a finicky eater and mainly grazes not eating many real meals. But he is growing and seems content so that is all that matters. Ethan is much smaller than James at this age so he seems so small to me. Ethan loves to give kisses and hugs and adores his older brother. Ethan is my "tiny destroyer" because any room he is in he makes sure to leave his mark that he was there by leaving everything in the floor. Ethan sleeps through the night but he still has his bumper pads in the crip because he snuggles up to them at night! It is so cute...he has always had the  need to feel snuggled since he was born so I guess those soft pads do the trick still. He will bury his head in them and just snooze away.

Ethan is saying some words. Of course I am usually the only one who can interpret. He says a lot of "B" words...ball, buzz, banana, boat. He can also say da-da and ma-ma (when he wants to) as well as his version of James. He will stand outside James door and yell "Ames" or something similar. He can say choo choo, cachow, that, chip,and toodles...of course some are not always clear but he will point to "lightning mcqueen" and say ca-chow. And yes he has learned "pug".....the name for his manhood. He is fascinated with this little part on his body, he will constantly touch, pull, put things on it while changing and just laugh! I guess they start young!  He is also very smart and a good clean up helper. He will put things back where they belong in the living room, he helps put dishes up (and in the right place).

Ethan loves the outdoors and swinging. He enjoys climbing up the playgrounds so he can shoot down the slides. He really has  no fear. He is still not the best traveler but he is better than he was for sure (not sure if he could get any worse!!). Ethan also loves to dip his food....ketchup, cheese dip, crackers into soup, veggie dip, it doesn't matter he always wants to dip something :).

He is such a sweet baby boy and his smile will honestly melt your heart. His big blue eyes and chubby cheeks lure you in so fast.  I am so thankful for my 2 healthy, happy boys and the blessing to stay home with them and watch them grow!

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