Monday, February 7, 2011

Alabama Blizzard

Yup, this is the most snow I think I have ever seen (or at least I remember). The weathermen kept saying that we were going to get a massive amount of snow. But because anytime they predict it it never happens I didn't get my hopes up. But to be safe I went grocery shopping for the necessities..chips, cokes, etc b/c we already had bread and milk.  We all went to bed and woke up to a big surprise...10 inches to be exact!! So after eating breakfast we bundled up and went outside. James LOVED it but Ethan wasn't too fond of it b/c his gloves are not waterproof so his hands were freezing. We built a snowman and James made the biggest snowball I had ever seen just by rolling it around on the ground. It was so pretty and lasted a couple of days. Schools were cancelled, gyms closed which made it a long few days for me. But we made the best of it! We have had some very odd weather here lately with all the snow and cold temps. We just found out that Kansas had about 26 inches of snow! Time to invest in some winter wear for sure!!

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