Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Day Out with Thomas

Being a mom of two boys I am learning that anything with wheels, water or dirt are their top interests. Both James and Ethan love trains, more specifically Thomas the Train. We noticed that railroads hold an event called "A Day Out with Thomas". I was determined to hit one of these before we moved and thankfully Birmingham had it. I'll be honest I was more excited to stay in a HOTEL while out of town opposed to a camper :). Our hotel was awesome by the way...probably only chain we will use now :).

Ok back to Thomas. We arrived just as Thomas was coming back to the depot which was an awesome sight. Both boys eyes lit up and we could hear Ethan yelling "choo, choo". I think he was a little more excited than James this time. After buying our tickets we boarded the train and took a ride down the track. The day offered so many different event areas. James favorite area was the huge sandbox. We met Sir Topham Hatt, played putt putt golf, jumped on the bouncy house and petted animals. It was so hot that day which really wore us out. This is an even that was so great for our entire family.

The next day we went to Birmingham zoo. It was just the right size for us, not too big but not too small. With an almost 2 year old who HATES to travel or be confined long periods of time, it is hard too do much. But he was a trooper and loved the animals. James of course was in awe and enjoyed all the different animals. He is so smart and loves to learn about things.

This was a much needed minivacation for our family. Shawn's fishing has him gone a lot so to get a weekend away was so nice. Anytime together is so fun and memorable!

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