Sunday, March 28, 2010

Back to Bragg

While we were so close to Ft. Bragg I had to visit. Something about that area is "home" for me. I miss the military atmosphere as well as the lack of drama which encompasses the Shoals Area. We drove thru our old neighborhood and showed James where he lived his first year of life and where he was born at Ft. Bragg. Of course he wasn't thrilled but I found myself getting flooded with memories that left a smile on my face. Ft. Bragg has not seen the hits in the economy like other areas in the world because of the soldiers. Business were popping and traffic was constantly flowing. We visited the PX which I loved and miss! Everyone keeps asking if we will get stationed back at Bragg and we keep saying we don't know. The Army is certain for one thing.."hurry up and wait" so we will not know until November our next duty station. As much as I love being here I am sort of ready to leave North Alabama (I know once I am gone I'll wish I was back here) just because all the drama and everyone in everyone's business!! I do like being around family (most of the time) and especially in those moments when you just need someone who understands you. Shawn's fishing keeps him away a lot so being able to drive 15 min to my mom's or sisters is so enjoyable!!! But we know this is just another resting place in our journey with the Army!
We were able to meet up with my bestie in NC, Beth and her family. I miss her so much. She is due with her 2nd baby in May and I am so excited for her yet sad I won't be there. She was a huge part of my life from Shawn's first deployment to being James first babysitter at only 3 weeks old.

The Thursday before leaving we found out that Shawn made the Major promotion list!! WE were thrilled and caught off guard because he was double below the zone. We didn't get our hopes up s when the list was released and he was on it we were ecstatic. Of course he won't offically be promoted until his number comes up...hopefully within 6 months while we are still here so we can be surrounded by family during the ceremony.

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