Sunday, March 28, 2010

Myrtle Beach 2010

During Shawn's spring break we decided to make the long 12 hour drive to Myrtle Beach to visit my grandfather. Of course my anxiety kicked in about traveling with 2 small children not to mention the morning before we left my van decided to not start...but luckily Honda fixed it :). Shawn had a fishing tourny in Gadsen so the boys and I drove there to meet him and leave from there. Shawn decided to drive straight thru whereas in times before when I drove alone I stopped midway and slept at a hotel. I have to say all in all the road trip was a success. Ethan has learned to sleep most of the way and when he wasn't one of us would sit in the back seat and occupy him. He would get a kick out of my feet propped up next to him so he could play with my toes :) Having a van is a lifesaver in so many ways.
We arrived in Myrtle Beach at 2 a.m. their time. Both boys were asleep when I went to get the key card to the condo...well i come out and Shawn is holding Ethan and James too is wide eyed. I thought "oh no"! As we went to our room I was astonished at how big it was!! James was so excited when he saw the beach from our room. He said "thank you mommy for planning this beach vacation. You're a genius, now give me a hug". It cracked me up. Well Shawn and James settled in for bed and Ethan and I were up until about 4 a.m. Both boys were up at 8:30 so not much sleep.

This was the same hotel that we went to during Shawn's R and R when James was only 6 months old. So to take Ethan there for his first beach experience was very sentimental.

Although the weather was not ideal for swimming outside we were able to dip our feet in the ocean, build sand castles and swim in the indoor pool. All things James was thrilled to do!! James is at the age that everything is fun and exciting and I absolutely adore it. Ethan of course just wanted to eat the sand :). Next time I think the pack and play will go out on the sand with us to deter that tasty plan. We also made a trip to the aquarium as usual :).

We visited grandpa 2 of those days as well. He has been diagnosed with COPD and doesn't have a lot longer to live we think. He recently got pneumonia which with COPD is never a good sign. We spent time with him at his house and went out to eat. He was so happy to see us. I know it must be so lonely being alone so far away from your family. I wish we were at Bragg where we were only 2 hours from him but we just aren't :(

Although it wasn't as restful as I had hoped it was an overall great time. While we were there Shawn and I celebrated our 8 year wedding anniversary...with the eating seafood!!YUMMO

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