Monday, November 30, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Last year we discovered that Bass Pro Shops hold a Winter Wonderland at their stores each Christmas. It is such a great place to take kids, especially boys and everything is free. They have remote controlled trucks, race tracks, moving trains, target practice, craft/coloring centers and of course SANTA!!! This Santa is the most authentic Santa I've seen. There are so many great picture opportunities while it is decorated and no lines like at the mall. So this year we took the boys for their annual Christmas picture with Santa and Ethan's first Santa picture. I again was NOT disappointed in them. I loved them. James enjoyed playing with the boy toys set up while Shawn looked around at the fishing stuff. Shawn put Ethan in the Baby Bjorn and carried him while James and I spent time is so rare for us to have alone time b/c Ethan is very needy (aka SPOILED).

James is such a great kid. Granted he is only 3 but he doesn't have this long unrealistic list of what he wants for Christmas. I find myself wanting to buy him so much stuff but have to refrain. He has only asked for one thing for the last month or so. When it came time to tell Santa what he wanted he simply told him the same thing he has been telling us. "The blue truck with the pontoon boat". He saw it in the Bass Pro Catalog and has not forgotten about it. So needless to say I think "Santa" added that to his sack of toys to be delivered at the Dalrymple home :). Even on the way out of the store an employee asked if he gave Santa his list of Christmas wishes and he said "no I only want 1 thing"!! How great is that?? So this year I think it will be a light Christmas which we are fine with for many reasons. The most being that he is satisfied with a $25 toy and not these outrageous things......YET :). We know as he gets older this will change but for now we are going to enjoy our sweet, innocent little boy.

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