Monday, November 30, 2009

All Aboard the Polar Express

This weekend we went to the Heart of Dixie Railroad in Calera, AL to ride the "Polar Express". We bought tickets for James birthday and he has talked about it ever since. Finally the day arrived and he couldn't wait to put on his Christmas Jammies and board the train. My favorite part of the entire trip was while we were unloading from the van I turned around and he was holding his Pooh Bear out, looking him in the eyes ,and with such magical excitement said "we get to ride on the train". I will NEVER forget that moment.

So we got our tickets and waiting in line to get on the train. James walked up to the train conductor and handed him his ticket. Then asked why he didn't "click" it like in the movie with a word. So we got on the train and got into our seats. He was so excited to look out the window. As luck would have it after a few shots of James and Ethan on the train our camera decided to act up again and quit working :(. So we had no shots from that point on which I was bummed. The people behind us said they would email us a copy of our boys with Santa but I doubt we see it :(. Then the train ride began and we traveled towards the "north pole". The story of Polar Express was read as we traveled. As we rode James would squeal with excitement..."we're off to the North Pole". The actual train ride was only about 15-20 min total. The other time was filled with the visit from Santa. Santa had to visit about 5 train cars so that took a bit of time. After Santa, came the cookies and Chocolate milk. James was so excited b/c they do that in the movie too (except with Hot Chocolate). Then the Elves come thru with bells for everyone from "santa's sleigh" and a really cute keepsake Train Ornament. All the time we are on the train Christmas carols are playing and James is singing along so sweet.

This was a time with James that will always be special to us. He waited so patiently for this time and was not disappointed with the wait. Little boys and their love of trains amazes me but I absolutely LOVE it. The simple things in life makes him happy.

This truly was a magical train ride that will live in our memories forever

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