Friday, February 20, 2009

Hurry up and Wait :)

Well we know that CPT Career Course ends March 20 but we are unsure what we will be doing after that point. Shawn could take S-6 course until end of May but he doesn't want to and neither do I. I want to get settled by June wherever we are going for many reasons. One to allow James to get adjusted to new home and new area before another baby is brought there, Two for me to get established with a doctor prior to me giving birth preferably, Three to have time to unpack and get the nursery and James room put together. I probably still woudl be stressing even if I weren't pregnant but the uncertainty of when or where is the hardest part for me right now. We'd hoped to be in AL but nothing is definite because of a gap in time. But we are working on that and pray that things will work out where we cn get out of here sooner than we hoped!!
if we are in AL we will be near family and they can always help us unpack :)

James is now almost 28 months old. he is quite the talker...and I mean ALL THE TIME :). When I run or walk with him I just would love not to hear a thousand questions b/c I feel I HAVE to respond or he thinks I am ignoring him. So hard pushing 35 lbs and jogging while talking :). He is such a sweet boy though. He says his blessing at each meal and prays at night for everyone. he loves to give kisses and hugs. He is slowly potty training and does better telling us when he has to use #2 than #1...which is odd. He usually holds his pee until we ask so we try to ask often. He is getting the knack of it though. he is truly my angel and I can't imagine life w/o him.

I am now officially 15 weeks pregnant and LOVING it. Definitely different this time around because I enjoy it more. Not sure if it was work or the constant pressure to remain thin evenw hile pregnant before but it is so enjoyable this time. I find myself admiring my growing belly often in the mirror. :). We won't find sex out for probably at least another month which is KILLING me. O fcourse we want HEALTHY baby but we want our lil' girl. But if God wants us to have another boy we will be fine too. But this will be it for us. two is good and is definitely hard enough with a husband who is gone 15 months at a time :) and no family around to help most of the time.

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