Saturday, February 21, 2009

The family that bikes together....

Today was a great day. Shawn had bought me a bicycle for Christmas and I had yet to ride so we went and got him a bike and James a trailer to pull behind the bike. We also got the trailer b/c it doubles as a double jogger. So after James nap today we rode about 4 miles around the neighborhood. It was fabulous!! James enjoyed it a lot but his helmet (yes we make him wear one) kept sliding down but we'll get it right next time. Shawn trailed him this time b/c more than likely I'll use it more than him. He was awesome for doing so!! He said it was harder pulling 35 lbs of baby behind but not too bad. Only bad part is when Shawn had to come out of the saddle to get up the hill James lil head bobbed awful so we have to work on it. We both run and do ellipticals but biking was a whole new adventure for us. We loved it!! Everytime Shawn stopped he said "no, ride more" he was so cute!!

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