Friday, January 23, 2009

Mission Bye Bye Binky!

We decided when we got home from Disneyworld that we would attempt to take away the Binky. I wasn't too concerned if we failed b/c he only uses it when he is going to bed and not just all the time. So the first night was Wednesday and he did great. Then Thursday night he fussed a little and it broke my heart but I was strong and I just laid in the bed with him until he was comfortable. He finally said "Bye bye binky" and if you ask what he did with them he said he gave them to the new baby!! SO SMART!!

to top it off today he told us he had to poop so we sat him on his potty and sure enough he did!! we praised him and he was so excited. Although I don't think he is ready to potty train we welcome anytime he tells us he wants to go!! YEAH for my big boy!!!

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  1. Cute pictures on your blog! I know we email more regularly than "blog" but it's fun to see the pictures! It will be fun to keep up with you when we move.


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