Friday, August 3, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Well after having orders for 4 different duty stations we finally got one that stuck. Welcome to Fort Campbell, Kentucky home of the 101st Airborne division. We were very excited and knew God was taking care of us when we got stationed here. It is only 3 hours from home and with issues going on with family it was perfect timing. The boys and I initially went to Clarksville, TN to look at rentals but after discussing things we felt it was a good time to buy. The interests rates were at all time low and new builds were cheaper than renting. I looked at 4 homes total during our time house hunting. When I saw the last home I just felt it was perfect for us. I fell in love with the kitchen and the dark floors. The biggest selling point was all bedrooms were upstairs and we had no backyard neighbors....just a cornfield that was in Kentucky. Yup, our front yard is Tennesee and backyard is Kentucky :).

We love our house and are slowly getting it put together. I was very lucky to be able to leave the boys with Shawn's mom while I unpacked the majority of things especially their rooms. Our neighbors are awesome and James has made a buddy already with their 4 year old little boy. Shawn loves it because we are about 45 minutes from Paris Landing which is great for fishing. We have spent several days on the lake there as well as the new marina here in Clarksville.

We had our first house guests last weekend. Bart (aka Bromance), Misty and Major Brimhall came to visit before they trekked south to Troy, AL for grad school. Bart and Shawn spent their days fishing. One afternoon we took the boys to go out on the boat with them. James water skiied and did such an awesome job!! He stayed up forever. He is such an athletic little boy!

I think we are going to like this area just fine. Shawn is happy to be back with an Active Army unit after being in school almost 4 years for the Army. He will be working with 101 HQ in the G6 shop.

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