Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Don't Blink...

Well today was the first day of Kindergarten for my sweet boy. I seriously can't believe we are here and that he is going to school. The song "Don't Blink" comes to mind so often because it is just like they were babies and now we are entering a whole new phase of life. James decided he wanted to ride the school bus so even on his day to test they wanted the students to ride the bus. The night before he came to me and said he was kinda scared and I saw tears well up in his eyes. So I swallowed extra hard to remove the lump from my throat and to fight back the tears. I explained to him that we all are scared to do new things. Then came the questions about what if he gets lost or if his teacher isn't there to get him off the bus etc. I reassured him that someone would be there and to not worry....but inside my head I was thinking "crap it could happen". So we said our prayers and he went to sleep. The next morning he woke up at 6:30 and came into my room fully dressed and said he is ready to ride the "yellow dog" aka the bus. Thank Shawn for that nickname :). My brave boy was going to do this and with such confidence.  I could hear him on the bus as the doors shut saying "This is great".
The time came for us to walk him to the bus stop and I have to admit my stomach was in knots. He was so excited so we focused on that and before we knew it the bus was pulling up. He got on the bus without looking back. All day I wondered if he made it off ok and how his day was going. FINALLY the time came for him to come home and it seems I couldn't walk fast enough to get to the bus stop. He bounced off the bus eager to tell me about his entire day to include what they had for lunch and how he got to sit in the big cafeteria. He survived...well I guess I should say I survived his first day of Kindergarten.
James is always eager to learn and does well at school. His only complaint is that he doesn't get to watch TV very long at night and that he doesn't like homework. WOW....this early...we got a looong road ahead of homework buddy :).
I am so proud of him.  Despite the moves we make due to the Army he always seems to acclimate so well. He often is my strength to adjust faster to places and get moving. I pray that he gets to enjoy being a child and that other kids don't teach him "stuff" that he doesn't need to know. I pray that he isn't afraid to be himself and to be kind to other kids. Sending your baby out into this cruel world is so difficult. Thumbs up James to a great school year! Go Barkers Mill Bobcats!!!

I was very fortunate to find a Mother's Morning Out program that is 5 minutes up the road for Ethan. Of course he was excited too because big brother was going to school and now so was he. He kept asking whent he bus would come for him and I had to explain that's only for kindergarten. He was a bit disappointed but he was ok. He was so excited at his Jake and the Neverland Pirates bookbag and lunch box. We got to his school and he kissed me and went straight to his seat. I was so relieved because with Ethan he doesn't always adjust as well as James to new situations. After school he was so excited to tell me about his day and that he ate all his lunch like a big boy. He said he pottied 3 times....we are finally potty trained and he wears big boy undies now  :).  His teacher seems so great and I am so glad we found such  a great place for him to enjoy learning and learning aboug God.

Both boys have started AWANA's program here. Ethan started his first year of Cubbies and James is in Sparks now. I love how they both get so excited to go learn about God's word and the memory verses they learn. Definitely something we missed in Kansas. It's such a blessing to find a good church who loves your children!!

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