Sunday, August 22, 2010

Destin 2010

We just got back from one of the best vacations I can remember in a very long time. I love that Shawn has a flexible schedule and more importantly is HOME. We know his time to deploy will be here before we know it so we are taking advantage of having both parents home and traveling. Buying the camper affords us the opportunity to travel more and spend more time. We spent the same amount on the 5 days at the campsite as we would for 1 night in a hotel plus making most of our meals at the campsite is a huge money saver. Shawn and I honeymooned in Destin almost 8 1/2 years ago so it is very dear to us. We haven't been back since so to go back as a completed family was so amazing.

We spent 4 nights/5 days in Destin, Florida at the MWR Campground/Resort. It was so nice! Although it wasn't directly on the beach it has breathtaking views of the Bay and a pier you could walk out on to view the Ocean. It also had a pool (crappy hours and rules..but only negative of the entire trip), playground, workout facility, nice running trail, and  nice areas for kids to release energy for sure. The beach was 5 minutes away and we were so close to everything. It was truly AWESOME!

While we were there James and Shawn kayaked, we rented a pontoon boat, James held an alligator, Ethan said MaMa for the first time, we shopped, we ate, we built sandcastles and most importantly we enjoyed time as FAMILY. We ate at Fudpuckers one afternoon where James got to hold a live alligator (the mouth was taped shut) but he was thrilled. Ethan even was excited to touch it. Me, not so much. The other restaurant of choice was McGuire's Pub where we ate so much we all needed naps. I love that place and it is a place we ate when we were newlyweds. James got to Build-A-Bear...of course he chose the outfit for him to be Buzz Lightyear. It was so sweet how he'd kiss the bear at night and cuddle with him. Ethan enjoyed the peaches and watermelon we got in Clanton, AL. He is a fruit baby for sure.

Our family truly enjoyed every minute and did so much while we were there. James loved boogie boarding in the clear water. I was amazed at how clear and beautiful the beaches were. The sand was as white as sugar. I was worried because of the oil spill but we saw no signs of it. The weather was awesome every day. It was a refreshing trip after the meltdown I had during our first camping experience in Myrtle Beach :).

When we took the pontoon boat out we saw Manna-rays which James referred to as Mr. Ray's from "Finding Nemo".  Hearing his squeals of excitement was so sweet. We also got to go to the sandbar in the ocean and it was amazing.  Shawn said while they were kayaking that they saw a dolphin too. There is so much to do there that even after 5 days we hadn't really done 1/2 of what we'd like to do...but that is more incentive to go back.

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