Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Break Time for Mommy!!

Another year of Mother's Morning Out has began and I am so happy!! Yes I miss my little boogers while they are gone but it allows me to get stuff done without neglecting them or dragging them with me to do errands. It's amazing what you can get done when you don't have kids to drag around with you. James and Ethan are both attending Woodmont Baptist Church (King's Kids). It is so nice because it is literally 5 minutes down the road unlike in GA.

Because James initial teacher was offered a full time job the day before Open House we knew that she would not be his teacher but didn't know who would be at that time. I was very anxious because I always like to meet the teacher and get a feel for them before sending my kids to them. So going in today I kept a very positive attitude for James and knew that God would provide a good teacher for him. Mrs. Emily is a recent grad of UNA and has 2 kids of her own. James settled in with his friend from last year Anna Kate and they colored together. He was fine so I kissed him and I left. He is so big now and I am so blessed that he adapts to new places and routines so easily...a HUGE bonus since he is an Army Brat :).

Ethan has two teachers, older ladies so that is so nice. They adore the kids and spoil them as any good grandmother would do :). I was worried about him since he is SO clingy to me but he did great. He went to his teacher and I waited a few minutes and left once I saw he was playing and not upset. Shawn went with me to pick them up from school and Ethan kinda snubbed me and went to his daddy, as if to say he was upset with me. When we got home he kept saying "bye-bye" really loud as if he was telling me I left him bye bye today! I know maybe i"m interpreting things totally wrong but it was SO funny!

James filled us on his day and was so excited about it. I think he was getting bored at home as well. He loves to learn and play with friends. James was so excited when he told us about seeing Ethan being strolled around outside while he was at playtime. He said he waved to Ethan and Ethan waved to him. I love it!! Ethan is just at the age that we can do stuff like play outside but i still have to be right there with him which is so hard on James because he wants my attention too. Again, wondering if Mother's Guilt ever goes away from not spending equal time with each child. James said he saw Mrs. Cassie, his teacher last year, and that she was so glad to see him and gave him a big hug. That kids is so funny.

It is going to be a good year I do believe.

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