Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Changes at Home

WHew!! Since being home things have been so crazy!! Luckily Shawn took off last week but returned to work yesterday. He technically had another week of leave but I think he would rather be at work than at home...don't blame him lately. Things have been going ok...James has been super testy and kinda bratty. While in the hospital James got spoiled with gifts and now expects them from people...embarassing but we are working on it. I just feel we are constantly on James and we are constantly home. It is killing me being home so much so I can only imagine how he feels. He plays out back but he wants to swing and often times I can't get out there b/c of Ethan. I honestly feel he is coping better than me but it still hurts. James is a bright kid and I know he can't wait to play with other kids soon. I love my boys..juggling 2 is hard. My mom raised 3 kids alone on very little money while attending school full time and I am amazed at how well she did because I have a husband an family to help and sometimes go crazy :)

I've noticed with the 2nd one I am a lot more lax on things. I wouldn't even let James wimper before picking him up as a baby....with Ethan I let him cry if I have things to do and if he isn't hurting. Ethan is only 2 weeks old and I have made trips to the barber, target, walmart and out to eat with him. James does SO good while we are out at the stores. He holds the buggy, doesn't throw fits and helps put things in the buggy. I also am ready to put Ethan in his crib just b/c he makes little noises during his sleep that don't wake him but all mommies know that the slightest noises wake us up :). So probably by 1 month I'll start putting him in his crib. We have a video monitor so I can see him w/o disturbing him....Shawn bought it for me for Christmas...so smart!

Today James, Ethan and I went for a stroll in the neighborhood. I mainly did it to get energy off of James. I let him run on the side while I pushed Ethan. He had a good time and enjoyed getting out of the house!

I know this will take a while to get the hang of but I think we will get it. Shawn is an amazing husband and father. Having my mom near also is great!!

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